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Image Product Name Model Description Date Quantity
TN81EG8 EG8 8*GE Service Processing Board 2015-05-19 59
Huawei OSN 500 OSN 500 7.2Gbit/s switch capacity, 2 service slots High realiablity network-level, equipment-level, and service-level protection 40G line cards for large-bandwidth 2015-05-19 20
SSND00SL6402 SSN4SL64(S-64.2b,LC), SSN4SL6402 1*STM-64 Optical Interface Board(S-64.2b,LC) 2015-05-19 3
Huawei MA 5603T MA 5603T Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) integrated optical access products Integrated ultra-high aggregation and switching capabilities 2015-05-19 3
SSN1IXCSA SSN1IXCSA01 Infinite Cross-connect and Synchronous Timing Board 2015-05-19 3
Huawei OSN 8800 OSN 8800 T32 Intelligent Transport Platform for Integrated OTN/WDM/SDH 2015-05-19 12
SSR1SLD412 SSR1SLD4(L-4.2,LC) OSN1500/2500 Divided 2*STM-4 Optical Interface Board 2015-05-19 4
SSN2SLQ1602 SSN2SLQ16(S-16.1,LC) 4*STM-16 Optical Interface Board(S-16.1,LC) 2015-05-19 1
SS42EFS SS42EFS01 4-port FE interface processing board with land switch function 2015-05-19 1
SSN4EGS410 SSND00EGS411 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Switching Processing Board 2015-05-19 15
GPFD H802GPFD 16-port GPON Interface Board 2015-05-19 62
GPBD H805GPBD 8-port GPON Interface Board 2015-05-19 40
SS62SCC SS62SCC01 Metro3000 System Control Board 2015-05-19 6
SSN3EFS4 SSND00EFS411 4-port FE 10/100M Fast Ethernet Processing Board with LAN Switch 2015-05-19 5
SS63S16A03 SS63S16A(L-16.1,SC) 1*STM-16 Optical Interface Board 2015-05-19 5
SSR1SLQ116 SSR1SLQ1(L-1.1,LC), SSN1SLQ111 OSN1500/2500 4*STM-1 Optical Interface Board 2015-06-08 62