Technical Support

Telecomate provide vender like technical support, our support team have vender's qualified certification, can assist you solve most of cases.


Huawei Equipment Software Match

Huawei OSN Series equipment is strongly software matches, you plan to purchase service board on your old version V1R3 OSN3500 system for instance, you may find that your purchased new version board can not be recoganized by your system, cause your existing system quite old version. Or you are confusing the board verison, for instance SSN1SLQ16 and SSND0SLQ16, what the difference, can replaceable by each other? all those kinds of version match problems.


  • Software Version Match.

Various software versions on each equipment, some are compatible, some won't. Take Huawei OSN 3500 for example, the version below V1R8, V1R10 are MSTP version, V1R9, V2R12, V2R13 are Hybrid MSTP version. This may cause some boards like Cross-Connect board can not been recognized by system boards, this is significant issues. contact with our support team, to load the right compatible version for your network expansion.


  • Hardware Version Match.

N1, N3, N4, ND0 those different hardware version for Huawei OSN Series boards, also 61, 63, 64, 65 for Huawei Metro 3000 system...too many hardware versions to make trouble more trouble. You intends to buy the already stopped manufacure same version board, to avoid any incompatible issues, at a high cost. Actually at our assistance, you could only spend half cost for a substitute newer version, to realize the same functionality.


  • Remote software updates.

If your network too old to compatible with new version boards, software update were required. Our support team can help to updates your network equipment software version remotely. 

(Network security issues should not be concerned, if matters by you, we can provide you software package to update by yourself.)



Huawei U2000 NMS

Huawei U2000 NMS is Network Management System, it integrate 3 domains, Transmission network domain, Fixed access network domain, and Datacommunication network domain.

‚ÄčIt contain U2000 Server, U2000 Client software package. In transmission domain, additional U2000 LCT and U2000 WEB LCT included.


  • U2000 Server.

Core base for Huawei U2000 system, installed in a server, contains two kinds of Licenses, 1 function license, to activate the value-added functions like service end-to-end configuration, ASON function..., 2 resource license, to activate and limit how many of equipment can be managed by this U2000 system. Plesae note that there are different resource licenses limitation for different equipment, for instance to resource license to Transmission equipment, is only for monitoring and management, alarm collection, system working situation...the system still working if there is no resource license. But to Fixed Access equipment, the remote ONT even can not be activated if without license.

consult with us for specified license issued at [email protected]


  • U2000 Client.

U2000 server running as a data base, while daily operation on a U2000 Client software. U2000 Server and U2000 Client can be installed in the same Server. 


  • U2000 LCT.

U2000 LCT provides management functions at the equipment layer, normaly install in a PC laptop, to connect to equipment through Ethernet cable, to local configuration and commissioning equipment.

(equipment service configuration and commissioning also can be done on U2000 client, but that need a resource license, if you don't have a resource license, your equipment can not be founded by U2000 Client.)


  • U2000 WEB LCT.

U2000 WEB LCT and U2000 LCT is the same software, difference is the manageable equipments. WEB LCT manages Huawei NG WDM series, RTN series; The U2000 LCT manages SDH series, PTN series, MSTP series, OSN series, Metro WDM series, LH WDM series.


More questions on Huawei U2000, please contact us at [email protected]