ZTE 3928D-FI switch supports 24 100Base-FX optical ports, 4 1 G optical ports


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3928D-FI overview


The ZXR10 3900D series Easy-Maintenance Routing routing switches are layer-3 box-type switches developed for enterprises. They provide high-density fast interfaces and gigabit uplink interfaces, have layer-2 switching and layer-3 routing capabilities, and support multiple security and reliability mechanisms and gigabit interface stacking. The ZXR10 3900D series switches can be used for access convergence for enterprise networks and internal networks of carriers. The PoE series switches provide the PoE function on all the ports and can be used for wireless AP access for carriers and PoE access for enterprise networks.
The ZXR10 3900D series switches include the ZXR10 3952D, ZXR10 3928D, ZXR10 3952D-PS, ZXR10 3928D-PS, and ZXR10 3928D-FI.


The box of the ZXR10 3928D-FI is 43.6 mm high.

The front panel provides 24 optical interfaces. The optical interfaces support 100 Base-FX. The optical interfaces are SFP interfaces.

The front panel provides four 1G interfaces, and supports optical modules with the 1G SFP interface.

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