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The Nokia 7360 Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) FX is a high-capacity access node designed to deliver ultra-broadband services to any number of users in a rapid and cost-effective way. Because there is no single solution to bring ultra-broadband to the masses, the 7360 ISAM FX supports a mix of services including VDSL2 with vectoring, point-to-point, GPON, EPON (with DPoE) and 10G PON services. High-bandwidth throughput is guaranteed by backplane technology that enables dual 100Gb/s backplane connections to each line termination (LT) slot.

Best selling OLT models: Alcatel-Lucent NOKIA 7360 ISAM FX-4; Alcatel-Lucent NOKIA 7360 ISAM FX-8

Main control board: FANT-F(low-capacity), FANT-G(high-capacity), similar to Huawei MA5800 series MPLA(low-capacity) and MPLB(high-capacity), the main control boards have 4-port 10G uplink.


XG-PON board: FWLT-P

XGS-PON board: FWLT-B(8-port symmetric)

Best selling ONT models: I-010G; G-140W-MF; G-140W-MD



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  1. I-010G
    As low as $0.00 Bulk Purchase

    NOKIA I-010G GPON Terminal with 1*GE port, compatible with Huawei MA5600T MA5800 OLTs

  2. Nokia G-140W-MF

    NOKIA GPON Optical Network Terminal with 4*GE+1*POTS+2*USB+2.4G/5G WIFI

  3. Nokia G-140W-MD

    Nokia GPON Optical Network Terminal with 1GE+3FE+1POT+WIFI 5dBi

  4. XGS-PON OLT Class N2 C Temp

    NOKIA Symmetric 10GPON N2 XFP Optical Module on XGSPON board

  5. 10GBASE-LR SFP+

    NOKIA solo packed 10GE SFP+ SM (1310nm,10km,LC) optical transceiver

  6. Nokia G-140W-ME

    NOKIA GPON Terminal with 4*GE+1*POTS+2*USB+2.4G/5G WIFI

  7. FANT-F

    Alcatel-Lucent NOKIA 7360 ISAM FX network termination board integrated with 4-port 10GE/GE optical uplink port

  8. FWLT-P

    Alcatel-Lucent NOKIA 7360 ISAM FX 8-port asymmetric 10G GPON line termination board

  9. FWLT-B

    Alcatel-Lucent NOKIA 7360 ISAM FX 8-port symmetric 10G GPON (XGS-PON/TWDM-PON) line termination board

  10. FGLT-B

    Alcatel-Lucent NOKIA 7360 ISAM FX 16-port GPON OLT line termination board with C+ module

13 Result(s)
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Items 1-10 of 13

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