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FiberHome’s OLT contains two series, one is AN5516 series and the other is AN6000 series. AN5516 series is equivalent to Huawei MA5680T series, AN6000 is equivalent to MA5800 series.

AN5516-04 is similar to Huawei MA5608T, with 2 business service slots. Main coltrol boards have SHUA, SHUB, SHUC. PWRD DC power board or PWRA AC power for your choice. 

AN5516-01 is equivalent to Huawei MA5680T, with 16 business service slots; AN5516-06 is is equivalent to Huawei MA5683T, with 6 business service slots. AN5116-06B is a new frame, the same as AN5516-01 old frame. 

HSWA, HSWB and HSWD are main control boards for AN5516-01/06 series, HSWA and HSWB provide 10G single-slot bandwidth, 480G cross-connect capability, and HSWD provides 40G single slot bandwidth, 1.9T cross-connect capability.

Uplink boards: HU1A/HU1B(4*GE+1*10GE, optical); HU2A(2*GE+2*10GE, optical); HU2C(4*GE+2*10GE, optical) etc.

AN5516 series GPON boards: GCOB - S1B; GC8B - R1B; GCOB - T1A

AN5516 series EPON board is EC8B - R1B, and 10G EPON board is XG8A.


AN6000-X17, AN6000-X15, AN6000-X7 next-generation OLTs, respectively equivalent to Huawei MA5800-X17, MA5800-X15, and MA5800-X7.

Main control board is HSCA with 4*10GE/GE uplink by default; HU8A(8*10GE/GE uplink) and KU1B(4*10GE/GE uplink,1*100GE uplink) are uplink boards.

GPON board: GPOA

10G EPON boards: EXOA; EX8A

10G GPON board: GX8A




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  1. Fiberhome XG8A 10G EPON XFP PR30

    Fiberhome AN5516-01/AN5516-06B, AN5516-06, AN5516-04 OLT 8-port 10G EPON Interface Card with XFP PR30 module

  2. HSUC

    Fiberhome AN5516-04 OLT 4-Port GE Optical/Electrical Uplink and Switching Uplink Card

  3. EC8B R1B PX20+

    Fiberhome OLT EC8B R1B 8 ports Epon service card with SFP PX20+

  4. GC8B R1C C+

    Fiberhome GC8B 8 ports Gpon service card R1C version with SFP C+

  5. GCOB C+

    Fiberhome GCOB 16 ports Gpon service card with SFP C+

  6. FiberHome AN5516-06

    FiberHome AN5516-06 Chassis, 19 inch, 6 service slots, 96 PON OLT

  7. FiberHome AN5116-06B

    FiberHome AN5116-0B Chassis, 19 inch, 16 service slots, 256 PON OLT

  8. FiberHome AN5516-04

    FiberHome OLT AN5516-04 Chassis,with 2*HSUC control and uplink boards, 1*PWRA AC power board

  9. HG6245D
    As low as $0.00 Bulk Purchase

    HG6245D GPON Terminal with 4*GE+1*POT+2*USB+2.4/5G WIFI, 5dbi

  10. AN5506-02-FG

    FiberHome AN5506-02-FG GPON Optical Network Terminal with 1*GE+1*FE+1*POTS+WIFI

13 Result(s)
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Items 1-10 of 13

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