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ZTE GPON OLT consists of C320, C300, C350, C600, C680, but C350 and C680 are few in the market, so ZTE’s main sales models: C320, C300, C600. ZTE C320 is equivalent to Huawei 5608T, but unlike Huawei MA5608T, C320 has only two main control and power supply slots. The main control board of C320 comes with a DC power interface by default, C320 doesn't have a separate DC power board. If you want C320 AC chassis, you can only be equipped one main control board, then leaving a slot for the AC power board PRAM.

The main control of C320 has the following types: SMXA/1, GE DC; SMXA/3, 10GE DC; SMXA/5, 10GE DC.

XG-PON board: GTXO 
XGS-PON board: GTTO 
COMBO PON board: GTBO(asymmetric)


ZTE C350 is equivalent to Huawei 5683T, ZTE C300 is equivalent to Huawei 5680T:
Main control board: SCXM (weak capacity), SCXL (medium capacity), SCXN (weak capacity, with 4GE optical upstream), SCTM (strong capacity, with 4*10GE optical upstream).
Uplink board: GUFQ (4*GE optical), HUTQ (2*10G optical + 2*GE optical), HUVQ (2*10G optical + 2*GE optical, 1588v2), XUTQ (4*10GE optical), XUVQ (4*10GE optical, 1588v2).
SCXL: support 800 Gbps switching capacity and 32 K MAC address table.
SCXM: support 480 Gbps switching capacity and 32 K MAC address table.
SCXN: support 480 Gbps switching capacity, 64 K MAC address table, and VoIP function (with VoIP daughter-card).


ZTE C600 (21inch) is equivalent to Huawei MA5800-X17, ZTE C600 (19inch) is equivalent to Huawei MA5800-X15, ZTE C650 is equivalent to MA5800-X7, ZTE C680 is equivalent to 2*MA5800-X15.
Main control board: SFUL, SFULV, SFUH (with 4*10GE optical upstream), SFUHV (with 4*10GE optical upstream).
Uplink board: XFTO, XFEO 8 channels of 10GE/GE uplink; XFTH, XFEH, XFNH, 16 channels of 10GE/GE uplink
COMBO PON board: GFBN, GFBL, GFBT, GFBH (asymmetric 16-port); GFGX, GFBX, GFBO (asymmetric 8-port); GFCH(symmetric 16-port); GFCO(symmetric 8-port).



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    ZTE GFBT XG-PON&GPON C+, 16-port GPOB&XG-PON Combo OLT service card, apply to ZTE ZXA10 C600 C620 C650 C680 OLT

  2. PWAHF

    ZXDSL 9806H AC power board PWAHF

  3. VSTGC

    ZXDSL 9806H VSTGC 32-channel VDSL2 over POTS Card

  4. SCCBK

    SCCBK control switching board

  5. ZXDSL 9806H

    ZXDSL 9806H DC/AC (PWDHF DC power board/PWAHF AC power board) chassis with 1*SCCT/SCCBK/SCCB control switching board, support up to 4 service boards.




  6. ASTGC

    ZXDSL 9806H ASTGC 32-channel ADSL2/2+ over POTS Card

  7. GTXO

    ZTE ZXA10 C320 C350 C300 8-port XG-PON OLT interface board GTXO

  8. ZXHN F660 V8.0
    As low as $0.00 Bulk Purchase

    ZTE ZXHN F660 V8.0 GPON Optical Network Terminal with 1*GE+3*FE+1*POTS+1*USB+WIFI, 5dBi

  9. ZTE ZXA10 C320 10GE AC

    ZTE ZXA10 C320 Chassis with Single SMXA/3(SMXA+UCDC3) or SMXA/5(SMXA+UCDC5) 10GE Main Control Board and 1 PRAM AC Power Card

  10. ZTE ZXA10 C320 GE AC

    ZTE ZXA10 C320 Chassis with SMXA/1(SMXA+UCDC1) GE Main Control Board and 1 PRAM AC power unit

36 Result(s)
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Items 1-10 of 36

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