Huawei OSN1800V 8*port 2/4*wire and E&M processing board AT8, 03032CRD


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AT8 overview

Huawei OSN1800V 8*port 2/4*wire and E&M processing board AT8.

An AT8 board provides eight 2-/4-wire audio and E&M analog trunk ports that transparently transmit signaling and voice signals over a long distance.

An AT8 board transmits/receives and processes eight-channel analog voice signals or E&M signaling, and provides alarms and events for maintenance.

Version description of the AT8 board


Product Applicable-System Control Board-Initial Board Version Supported by System Control Board


1800 V-TNZ5UXCMS-V100R009C00

1800 V-TNZ5XCS-V100R019C10SPC300

1800 II Enhanced-TNZ2UXCL-V100R019C10SPC300


Basic functions

  • Supports the E&M trunk functions in 1E1M, 2E2M, reverse 2E2M, and none modes.
  • Supports 2-wire/4-wire audio signals. An AT8 board supports the setting of 2-wire/4-wire audio modes using the NMS.
    • 2-wire/4-wire audio port TX Gain (dB): -20.0 to 0.5, in steps of 0.5.
    • 2-wire/4-wire audio port RX Gain (dB): -7.0 to 13.0, in steps of 0.5.
  • Supports the Bell types I, II, III, IV, V and SSDC5 E&M signaling.


    An AT8 board does not support E&M signaling of Bell types I, III, and V when the NE uses APIU boards.

  • Supports the association of signaling and services.
    • None: not to associate.
    • Signaling Reception: When the signaling reception status is idle, the audio services sent to the cross-connection side are invalid; when the signaling reception status is busy, the audio services are valid.
    • Signaling Transmission: When the audio services received from the cross-connect side are invalid, the signaling transmission status is idle; when the services are valid, the signaling transmission status is busy.
    • Signaling Reception and Transmission: associates signaling with services in both the receive and transmit directions.


  • Ports 1 to 4 can work in either 1E1M, 2E2M or reverse 2E2M mode. Ports 5 to 8 can work in 1E1M or none mode.
  • When working in 2E2M or reverse 2E2M mode, the board processes only the first channel of E&M signaling, if signaling and services are associated.
  • If port 1 works in 2E2M or reverse 2E2M mode, port 5 cannot work in 1E1M mode. The limit applies also to ports 2 and 6, ports 3 and 7, as well as ports 4 and 8.


  • External ports: an Anea 96 port, providing eight logical ports. Each logical port consists of eight wires, representing DDN-1 to DDN-8.
  • Internal ports: 2M-1 to 2M-8, representing eight E1 internal ports that use timeslots 1-15 and 17-31, with port IDs 65 to 72, respectively.

Service processing

Receives/transmits and processes 2-wire/4-wire audio and E&M services.

Overhead processing

Supports the setting and query of the V5 and J2 bytes.

Alarms and events

Provides alarms and events for maintenance and fault locating.

Maintenance features

  • Supports warm and cold resets. The warm reset does not affect services.
  • Supports the query of the manufacturing information of the board.
  • Supports board voltage detection and alarm reporting.
  • Supports board temperature detection, alarm reporting, and performance statistics collection.
  • Hot board swapping.






When working with TNZ5UXCMS, the board supports this function.

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