Issue Description

Description on the flow control of the NG SDH EFT data board. 

Alarm Information


Handling Process

(1) All the VCTRUNK support flow control 

As for all the EFT boards (EFT4, EFT8 and EFT8A), all the vctrunk support flow control. 

(2) The flow control mode is irrelevant to the working mode 

No matter the working mode is auto-negotiation or forced mode, use ::ethn-cfg-set-fcmode: to set flow control mode. 

(3) The flow control test has two directions: equipment to meter, and meter to equipment. 

The common test mode is from equipment to meter. The meter transmits traffic larger than the upper bandwidth of the vctrunk,

the equipment transmits flow control frame to meter, and the meter reduces the traffic transmitted. 

The test mode from meter to equipment indicates that the meter transmits flow control frame to the equipment to see the

equipment transmits the flow control frame or discards it. The EFT board discards the flow control frame. 

(4) Precautions on flow control test 

If testing the flow control of negotiation, note the operation of the meter when using SMB to test. Set the MII register of the

corresponding port of the meter, mark the tenth bit of the fourth register. And then click the auto-negotiation button again.

This is a bug of the meter. Specific procedure is as follows: 

(1) Right click, select "MII register". 


 (2) Then, select "Reg4", mark the "pause capable" of the tenth bit. 



 (3) At last, click "Restart Auto Negotiation". 





Root Cause