40-Port 10GBase LAN/WAN-SFP+ MACsec Integrated Line Processing Unit (LPUI-402)

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Line-Rate capability Provides forty 10G line-rate forwarding interfaces to support 400G line-rate forwarding.
Reliability and availability Hot swappable.
Restrictions and remarks 1. In 10GE mode, every four interfaces form an interface group. There are ten interface groups in total. Interfaces 0–3 form group 0, interfaces 4–7 form group 1, and so on. An interface group can be switched between the 10GE LAN and 10GE WAN modes. That is, each interface group supports any of the following combinations: 4xGE, GE and 10GE LAN, and GE and 10GE WAN. Mixed use of 10GE LAN and 10GE WAN modes is not allowed in the same interface group.

2. 10GE WAN interfaces support only the master clock mode.

Dimensions (H x W x D) 40.1 mm x 399.2 mm x 535.6 mm (1.58 in. x 15.72 in. x 21.09 in.)
Typical power consumption 385.0 W
Weight 8.9 kg (19.62 lb)

Additional information

Weight 15.0000 kg
Dimensions 75.0000 × 57.0000 × 17.0000 cm


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