Main Processing Unit D for S12700 Series

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ET1D2MPUDC00 Overview

The ET1D2MPUDC00 provides the control plane and management plane for the entire system.

  • The control plane provides functions such as protocol processing, service processing, route calculation, forwarding control, service scheduling, traffic statistics collection, and system security.
  • The management plane is responsible for system status monitoring, environment monitoring, log and alarm processing, system software loading, and system upgrades.

The ET1D2MPUDC00 consists of the following functional modules:

  • Control module: functions as the control and management plane for the ET1D2MPUDC00 and the entire system, implementing protocol processing, route calculation, forwarding control, system management, and system security.
  • Local clock module: provides the working clock for the chips of the control module, and device management and monitoring module on the ET1D2MPUDC00.
  • Device management and monitoring module: provides functions of a controller area network (CAN) bus module to monitor the ET1D2MPUDC00 and manage the CAN bus modules of LPUs.
  • Power supply module: provides power supply for the ET1D2MPUDC00.
  • Value-added service module: provides enhanced services such as operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) and bidirectional forwarding detection (BFD).


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