FutureMatrix S1730S-S8P4S-QA2

FutureMatrix S1730S-S8P4S-QA2

Huawei FutureMatrix S1730S-S8P4S-QA2 switch supports 8 PoE+ 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, 4 1000BASE-X GE SFP ports, fixed AC power


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FutureMatrix 1730S-S8P4S-QA2 overview

Huawei FutureMatrix S1730S-S8P4S-QA2 switch comes with 8 PoE+ 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, 4 GE SFP ports, and 1 fixed AC power, which is one of the Huawei FutureMatrix S1730S-S series switches.

FutureMatrix S1730S-S series switches are web-managed Ethernet switches for the SOHO office market. They have been certified by Huawei Datacom Smart Selection, and can provide 8, 24 and 48 port models, with 4 gigabit or 10-gigabit uplink ports.

S1730S-S series switches can be used as access switches for small networks (such as small business offices), and support S5700 series switches to create an office network for small and micro enterprises. It can meet the data access requirements of wired and wireless networks.

S1730S-S series switches can be used as access switches for micro-site networks (such as small studios), meeting a small number of terminals such as printers, notebooks, cameras, and wireless routers, data access, and power supply requirements of other equipment.

Note: The 1730S-S8P4S-QA2 and S1730S-S8P4S-A1 have the same specifications and performance, the only difference is that the 1730S-S8P4S-QA2 adopts a fanless design and naturally dissipates heat; while the S1730S-S8P4S-A1 is air-cooled.



FutureMatrix 1730S-S8P4S-QA2 fast spec

8-port 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45

4-port 1000BASE-X GE SFP

1 fixed AC input power supply

Switching capacity: 336Gbps

Packet forwarding rate: 18Mpps

PoE+ supported


FutureMatrix S1730S-S8P4S-QA2 features and benefits

New energy-saving design, leading low-carbon communication

Non-blocking high-speed forwarding

PoE power supply capability: Fast PoE, Permanent PoE.

Convenient operation and maintenance

Intelligent operation and maintenance

Smart upgrade

Excellent safety

Powerful networking and bandwidth expansion capabilities

Item S1730S-S8P4S-QA2
Dimensions without packaging (H x W x D) [mm(in.)] Basic dimensions (excluding the parts protruding from the body): 43.6 mm x 300.0 mm x 220.0 mm (1.72 in. x 11.8 in. x 8.7 in.)

Maximum dimensions (the depth is the distance from ports on the front panel to the parts protruding from the rear panel):


Dimensions with packaging (H x W x D) [mm(in.)] 110.0 mm x 435.0 mm x 360.0 mm (4.33 in. x 17.13 in. x 14.17 in.)
Chassis height [U] 1 U
Weight without packaging [kg(lb)] 2.25 kg (4.96 lb)
Weight with packaging [kg(lb)] 3.17 kg (7 lb)
Typical power consumption [W] 28.4 W
Typical heat dissipation [BTU/hour] 96.9 BTU/hour
Maximum power consumption [W] Without PoE: 18.8W
With PoE: 159.9W
(PoE: 124W)
Maximum heat dissipation [BTU/hour] Not providing the PoE function: 131.71

100% PoE loads: 554.81

MTBF [year] 66.56 year
MTtr [hour] 2 hour
Availability >0.99999
Noise at normal temperature (acoustic power) [dB(A)] 42.2 dB(A)
Noise at normal temperature (acoustic pressure) [dB(A)] 30.5 dB(A)
Number of card slots 0
Number of power slots 0
Number of fans modules 1
Redundant power supply Not supported
Long-term operating temperature [°C(°F)] -5°C to +50°C (23°F to 122°F) (0 m to 1800 m altitude, non-industrial optical modules) -5°C to +55°C (23°F to 131°F) (0 m to 1800 m altitude, industrial optical modules with transmission distances less than or equal to 10 km)
Short-term operating temperature [°C(°F)] Not supported
Restriction on the operating temperature variation rate [°C(°F)] When the altitude is 1800-5000 m (5906-16404 ft.), the highest operating temperature reduces by 1°C (1.8°F) every time the altitude increases by 220 m (722 ft.). The switch cannot be started when the ambient temperature is lower than 0°C (32°F). The operating temperature ranges from -5°C to +45°C (23°F to 113°F) when optical modules with transmission distance greater than or equal to 70 km are used.
Storage temperature [°C(°F)] -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)
Long-term operating relative humidity [RH] 5% to 95%, noncondensing
Long-term operating altitude [m(ft.)] 0-5000 m (0-16404 ft.)
Storage altitude [m(ft.)] 0-5000 m (0-16404 ft.)
Power supply mode AC built-in
Rated input voltage [V] AC input: 100 V AC to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Input voltage range [V] AC input: 90 V AC to 290 V AC, 45 Hz to 65 Hz
Maximum input current [A] 3 A
Memory 512 MB
Flash memory 512 MB
Console port RJ45
Eth Management port Not supported
USB Not supported
RTC Not supported
RPS input Not supported
Service port surge protection [kV] Common mode: ±7 kV
Power supply surge protection [kV] ±6 kV in differential mode, ±6 kV in common mode
Types of fans Fanless
Heat dissipation mode Heat dissipation with fan, intelligent fan speed adjustment
Airflow direction Air intake from left and front, air exhaustion from right
PoE Supported
Certification EMC certification

Safety certification

Manufacturing certification

Item Number of RJ45 Port Number of GE SFP Port Number of 10GE SFP+ Port Switching capacity(Gbps) Forwarding Rate(Mbps)
FutureMatrix S1730S- S8T4S-A1 8 4 0 336 18
FutureMatrix S1730S- S8P4S-A1 8 4 0 336 18
FutureMatrix S1730S- S8T4S-QA2 8 4 0 336 18
FutureMatrix S1730S- S8P4S-QA2 8 4 0 336 18
FutureMatrix S1730S- S24T4S-A1 24 4 0 336 42
FutureMatrix S1730S- S24T4S-QA2 24 4 0 336 42
FutureMatrix S1730S- S24P4S-A1 24 4 0 336 42
FutureMatrix S1730S- S24P4S-A2 24 4 0 336 42
FutureMatrix S1730S- S24T4X-A1 24 0 4  336 96
FutureMatrix S1730S- S24T4X-QA2 24 0 4  336 96
FutureMatrix S1730S- S24P4X-A2 24 0 4  336 96
FutureMatrix S1730S- S48T4S-A1 48 4 0 432 78
FutureMatrix S1730S- S48P4S-A1 48 4 0 432 78
FutureMatrix S1730S- S48T4X-A1 48 0 4 432 132


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