Huawei MA5800 X17 Bundle

Huawei MA5800 X17 GPON OLT bundle

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Huawei MA5800 X17 Bundle

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Huawei SmartAX MA5800 X17 NG OLT H901BPLB subrack with 2xH901PILA, 21inch, with 11U height 17 service slots, 200G throughput per slot, support GPON, 10G PON, 40G/100G PON ready

Product Specifications
Switching capacity
of the system
7 Tbit/s
Maximum bandwidth
per slot
H901MPLB: 200 Gbit/s
H901MPLA: 100 Gbit/s
Maximum number
of MAC address
Maximum number of ARP/routing entries 65536
Maximum number of concurrent 4K video users 16000
GPON ports 272
10G GPON ports 136
GE/FE ports 816
10GE ports 136
Cabinet supported N63E-22
Board supported
Control Board
H901MPLB It provides 4 GE/10GE upstream transmission ports and supports load sharing. By default, MA5800 connects to upstream network through the control board
H901CKUA Supports stratum-3 clock functions by working with MPLB and MPLA
Upstream interface board
H901NXED Enhanced 8-port 10GE upastream interface board, supporting 10GE/GE Ethernet upstream transmission. NXED is used when upstream ports currently provided in MA5800 are not enough.
Universal interface board
H901CIUA Provides synchronous time/clock signal input&output interfaces, alarm parameter/Boolean value input&output interface. RS485 serial ports, and provides transparent transmission Ethernet ports.
Service board
H901GPHF Provides 16 GPON ports for access services
H901GPSF Provides 16 GPON ports for home access services
H901XGHD Provides 8 asymmetric 10G GPON ports for access services.
H901TWED Provides 8 symmetric 10G GPON ports for access services.
H901EDSH 32-channel E1 upstream board, supporting native TDM mode.
H901OGHK 48-port aggregated GE/FE optical interface board, supporting up to 48 channels of GE/FE
H901OXHD 8-port aggregated 10GE optical interface board, supporting GE/10GE Ethernet aggregation.
Power board
H901PILA Provides -48V DC input
Fan Monitoring board
H901FMLA Supplier power to fans; controls and moniotes the fans
H901FMMA Supplier power to fans; controls and moniotes the fans
(W x D x H) (mm)
11 U high and 21 inch wide
Excluding mounting brackets: 493x287x 486
Including mounting brackets: 535x287x486
Maximum weight(including mounting brackets) 45 kg
Maximum input current 60 A
Power supply Power supply mode: DC
Working voltage range: -38.4 V to -72 V
Rated voltage: -48 V / -60 V
Ambient temperature -40°C to +65°C The MA5800 can start up at a lowest
The MA5800 can start up at a lowest temperature of -25°C and run at -40°C.
Note:The 65°C temperature refers to the highest temperature measured at the air intake vent of service subrack.
Ambient humidity 5% RH to 95% RH
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Huawei MA5800 X17 Bundle
Huawei MA5800 X17 Bundle

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