Aruba 5400R Switch Series JL001A supports 92 RJ-45 autosensing 10/100/1000 PoE+ ports


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JL001A overview

Aruba 5400R Switch Series JL001A supports 92 RJ-45 autosensing 10/100/1000 PoE+ ports .

The Aruba 5400R zl2 Switch Series delivers enterpriseclass resiliency with innovative flexibility and scalability for customers creating smart digital workplaces that are optimized for mobile users with an integrated wired and

wireless approach. This modular series brings scalable aggregation with Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) stacking technology, hitless failover, and Fast Software Upgrade for 5400R VSF stacks. The advanced Layer 2 and 3

feature set includes OSPF, IPv6, IPv4 BGP, Dynamic Segmentation, robust QoS and policy-based routing with no software licensing required.

The 5400R is easy to deploy, use and manage using Aruba AirWave or Aruba Central. Aruba ClearPass offers centralized security and external captive portal support. The switches include a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

JL001A features
  • Software-defined networks
  • Unified Wired and wireless support
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Simplified configuration and management
  • Connectivity
  • Performance
  • Resiliency and high availability
  • Layer 2 switching; Layer 3 services; Layer 3 routing
  • Security
  • Convergence
  • Customer first, customer last support
  • Warranty, services and support
Aruba 5412R 92GT PoE+/4SFP+
(NoPSU) v3 zl2 Switch ((JL001A)
Aruba 5406R 8-port 1/2.575/10GBASE-TPoE+/8-port
SFP+(No PsU) v3 zl2 Switch (JL002A)
1000 Mb Latency <2.8 us (FIFO 64-byte packets) <2.8 us (FIFO 64-byte packets)
10 Gbps Latency <1.8 us (FIFO 64-byte packets) <1.8 us (FIFO 64-byte packets)
40 Gbps Latency <1.5 us(FIFO64-byte packets) <1.5 us(FIFO 64-byte packets)
Throughput up to 1142.8 Mpps up to 571.4 Mpps
Routing/Switching capacity 1920 Gbps 960 Gbps
Switch fabric speed 2030 Gbps 1015 Gbps
Routing table size 10000 entries (IPv4),
5000 entries (IPv6)
10000 entries (IPv4).
5000 entries (IPv6)
MAC address table size 64000 entries 64000 entries
Operating temperature 32°F to 113°F(0°C to 45°C):oC to 40°C with J8177C
transceiver installed,0C to 35°C with FPS Opacity
Shield installed
32°Fto 113°F(o°C to 45°C):oCto 40°C with J8177C
transceiver installed,O°Cto 35°C with FIPS Opacity
Shield installed
Operating relative humidity 15%to 95%@113°F(45°C)
15%to 95%@113°F(45°C).
-40F to 158F(-40°℃ to 70C) -40°F to 158F (-40°C to 70°C)
relative humidity
15% to 95%@149°F(65°C),
159% to 95%@149°F(65°C).
Altitude up to 10,000 ft(3 km) up to 10,000 ft(3 km)
Acoustic Power: 49 dB,Pressure:35.7 dB
ISo 7779,1So 9296
Power: 44 dB,Pressure:31.7 dB
ISO 7779,ISo 9296


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