Access Transceivers


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    Huawei OGEBIDI40 Optical Transceiver, eSFP, 1490nm(Tx)/1310nm(Rx), 1.25Gb/s, -2dBm, 3dBm, -23dBm, LC, Single Mode, 40km


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    Huawei OGEBIDI41 Optical Transceiver, eSFP, 1310nm(Tx)/1490nm(Rx), 1.25Gb/s, -2dBm, 3dBm, -23dBm, LC, Single Mode, 40km


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    Huawei OGEBIDI80 BiDi Optical Transceiver, eSFP, 1570nm(Tx)/1490nm(Rx), 1.25Gbps, -2dBm, 4dBm, -26dBm, LC, Single Mode, 80km

  • OGSME4000

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    Huawei OGSME4000 Optical Transceiver, eSFP, 1550nm, 1.25Gb/s, -5dBm, 0dBm, -22dBm, LC, Single Mode, 40km

  • OSG010005

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    Huawei OSG010005 Integrated Optical Transmitting and Receiving Module, CSFP, Transmitting:1490nm, Receiving:1310nm, 1.25Gb/s, -9.0dBm, -3.0dBm, -24dBm, LC, SM, 80km, GE/FE autonegotiation

  • OSG010006

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    Huawei OSG010006 BiDi Optical Transceiver, CSFP, Tx1490/Rx1310nm, 125M~1.25Gbps, -9dBm, -3dBm, -23dBm, LC, SM, 10km

  • OSG040002

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    Huawei OSG040002 Optical Transceiver, eSFP, 1310nm, 1.25Gb/s, -5~0dBm, -23dBm, LC, Single Mode, 40km

  • SFP-1000BaseT

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    Huawei 1000BASE-T (RJ45) SFP Electrical Module, Auto Negotiate,100m

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