Hensure OR31/WD FTTH CATV high lever receiver SC/APC-SC/UPC with WDM AGC


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OR31/WD overview:
The OR31 series is a low-heat, high-reliability, high-index multi-purpose optical receiver developed to adapt to the diversification of fiber-optic households. Receivers, buildings, building optical receivers, indoor optical receivers, which have optical control AGC function, can keep the OR31 / WD output constant at 80dBm within the range of 0 ~ -15dbm of optical input power, FTTB-031 Type output is not lower than 102dbm.
OR31/WD features
  • High-quality E-O photoelectric conversion and gallium arsenide amplification integrated light receiving module is selected.
  • Full-automatic optical AGC control, input optical power -0 ~ -15dBm, output level unchanged, CTB, CSO basically unchanged.
  • RF channel full GaAs low noise amplifier device.
  • Reliability: The average trouble-free working time is higher than 40,000 hours.
  • Low power consumption design, using high efficiency switching power supply, specially designed for CATV, ensuring high reliability and high stability of the power supply. The power consumption of the whole machine is less than 5W, and the power consumption will be greatly reduced when it is used on a large scale.
  • The parts are clean and tidy, the internal appearance is good, and the parts of the whole machine are fixed without loosening, which meets the national standard.
  • Built-in lightning protection device (TVS transient suppression diode), the lightning protection system is tight to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
  • 220V power supply, external power supply, easy maintenance.
  • FC / APC and SC / APC optical fiber connection interfaces are available.
  • There are two types of RF interface: F-type metric and inch.
Model OR31 FTTB-031 OR31WD
optical wavelength 1260~1620nm 1310/1490/1550nm
optical input range 0~-15dBm Analog Tv
Digital TV
output retum loss ≥45dB
47~1002MHz 47~1218MHz 47~1002MHz
Flatness 士0.75dB
0~-18dB without
RF output level ≥82dBuv ≥102dBuv ≥82dBuv Pin:-15~+OdBm
AGC control range 0~-15dBm
AGC character
≤士0.5dB Pin:-15~+0dBm
output retum loss ≥14dB 47-1000MHz
MER >36dB >36dB >36dB Pin:-15~+0
>28dB >30dB >28dB Pin:-22dBm
BER <1.0E-9dB <1.0E-9dB <1.0E-9dB Pin:-15-0dBm
<1.0E-9dB <1.0E-9dB <1.0E-9dB Pin:-22dBm
≥51dB Pin=-2dBm
≥65dB Pin=-2dBm
≥62dB Pin=-2dBm
Power consumption ≤2(250mA) ≤4(500mA) ≤2(250mA) +5VDC
Dimension 87*68*22mm


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