Huawei XG-PON&GPON OLT D OSGXGD01 Transceiver, SFP+, 1577nm(TX1)/1490nm(TX2)/1270nm(RX1)/1310nm(RX2), 9.953G(TX1)/2.488G(TX2)/2.488G(RX1)/1.244G(RX2), 8dBm/6dBm, 12dBm/10dBm, -33.5dBm/-35dBm, SC/UPC Compatible with SC/PC, Single-mode Module, XG-PON&GPON OLT D

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Type One-fiber bidirectional optical module, XG-PON&GPON OLT D
Operating Wavelength(nm)

GPON channel:
Tx: 1490
Rx: 1310

XG-PON channel:
Tx: 1577
Rx: 1270

 Encapsulation Type XFP
Port Rate(Gbit/s)

GPON channel:
Tx: 2.488
Rx: 1.244

XG-PON channel:
Tx: 9.953
Rx: 2.488

Minimum Output Optical Power(dBm) GPON channel: 6

XG-PON channel: 8

Maximum Output Optical Power(dBm) GPON channel: 10

XG-PON channel: 12

Maximum Receiver Sensitivity(dBm) GPON channel: -35

XG-PON channel: -33.5

Optical Connector Type SC
Optical Fiber Type Single-mode
Extinction Ratio(dB) 8.2
Dimension(D x W x H mm) 80x20x15

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Weight 0.5000 kg
Dimensions 14.0000 × 8.0000 × 4.0000 cm


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