Return & RMA


1. Parcel damaged

If parcel badly damaged, please reject to carrier.

If product is mechanical damaged when opening a damaged parcel, our support team will assist you to check if the product still functional.

If it is malfunction, we will assist to claim with the carriers based on your shipping insurance service.


2. Parcel lost

Please contact support team, we will work together with carrier, assist you to investigate the losing, and obtain the compensation.

Notice: The maximum compensation is 100USD per shipment, this apply to default express service, without buying additional insurance.
In order to minimize your lost, if damage or losing occurred, we highly recommend click the insurance, when check out. Especially in remote areas and war zones.


When the product malfunction during warranty, our support team will analysis the problem. If it cannot be solved remotely, we will trigger the RMA/Return procedure:

  • Return back to us at your own cost.
  • Reship to you at our cost, when it is repaired.