ZTE RPTQ-08PX-SFP physical line interface unit provides 8-port multi rate OC48/OC12/OC3-configurable POS SFP


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RPTQ-08PX-SFP overview


The RPTQ-08PX-SFP daughter card provides the following functions:

  • Provides eight POS interfaces, each rate of which can be set to OC48, OC12, or OC3.
  • Provides the function of storing physical information such as the daughter card ID, delivery date, daughter card version,and repair records.
  • Provides the key chip temperature detection function.
  • Provides an SJTAG interface for the packet forwarding unit for online EPLD download and production test.


Attribute RPTQ-08PX-SFP
Connector type Duplex LC
Optical interface attribute Determined by the selected SFP optical module
Operating mode Full duplex
Standard OC48/OC12/OC3
Supported link protocol POS frame
Supported network protocol IP


Silk screen name RPTQ-08PX-SFP
Dimensions (Width × Height × Depth) 37.1 mm X 96.5 mm X 170.9 mm
Power consumption 57 W
Thermal load 194.48 BTU/Hour
Weight 1.038 kg
Rate 2.5 Gbps / 622 Mbps / 155 Mbps


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