Huawei S1700-26R-2T-AC switch supports 24 10/100BASE-T ports, 2 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, fixed AC power


Huawei S1700-26R-2T-AC with 24 10/100BASE-T ports, is one of the Huawei S1700 series switches. The S1700 is deployed at the access layer of an enterprise network to deliver cost-effective packet switching capability. In addition, the S1700 provides multi-service access capabilities, excellent extensibility, Quality of Service (QoS) guarantee, powerful multicast replication, and carrier-class security, and can be used to build ring topologies of high reliability. The S1700 series switches are applicable to various scenarios, for example, GE access to enterprise networks and GE-todesktop, building future-oriented IT networks for enterprises.

S1700-26R-2T-AC appearance and structure

S1700-26R-2T-AC appearance and structure

S1700-26R-2T-AC Datasheet
Item S1700-26R-2T-AC
fixed Ports 24 10/100BASE-T ports
2 10/100/1000BASE-T ports
Input Voltage Rated AC power: 100V to 240V; 50 Hz/60 Hz
Maximum AC voltage: 90V to 264V; 47 Hz/63 Hz
Power Consumption 8.7 W
Operating Temperature 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F) at an altitude of 0-1800 m (0-5906 ft.)
Humidity (non-condensing) 5% to 95%
Heat Dissipation Fan-free natural heat dissipation
Dimensions (W x D x H) 43.6 mm x 442.0 mm x 220.0 mm (1.72 in. x 17.40 in. x 8.66 in.)

Additional information

Weight 4.0000 kg
Dimensions 55.0000 × 9.0000 × 36.0000 cm

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