ZTE 8912E/8908E/8905E/8902E switch S2XF4A card provides four 10-GE optical interfaces


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S2XF4A overview

The S2XF4A card provides four 10-GE optical interfaces. It is applicable to the 8912E/8908E/8905E/8902E switch only.
The S2XF4A card provides the following functions:

• Data switching with a large capacity
It provides four 10-GE SFP+ optical interfaces and supports MPLS full wire-speed transmission.

• Gigabit out-of-band communication
The MCS card communicates with the CPU of the card through this function, for example, downloading the CPU initialization information.

• EPLD online upgrade
The EPLD of the S2XF4A card provides the online upgrade function by simulating the JTAG interface.

• JTAG test
The S2XF4A card connects to main chips of line interface cards through a daisy chain to conduct the JTAG test.

• Intelligent detection
The card provides temperature, voltage, and power consumption monitoring circuits to implement real-time monitoring through the IIC bus.

• IPMC management and control
The IPMC of each line interface card connects to the IPMC of the MCS card through a bus to establish an intelligent platform management system.

• Synchronous Ethernet & IEEE 1588v2
Synchronous Ethernet & IEEE 1588v2

• Power supply management
A power management chip can control the power-on sequence of devices.

Parameter S2XF4A
Silk screen name S2XF4A
Dimensions 374.61 mm × 395.4 mm × 40.3 mm
Power consumption Full-load power consumption: 180 W
CPU Capacity Dual-core CPU, CPU speed: 800 MHz
Memory Maximum capacity 4 GB


Attribute Specification
Connector Duplex LC.
Optical interface attribute Depends on the specific SFP+ optical module.
Operating mode Full duplex.
Standard IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-R.
Frame format Ethernet frame.
Network protocol Ethernet.



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