Huawei S3700-52P-PWR-SI-AC switch supports 48 10/100BASE-T ports, 2 100/1000BASE-X ports, 2 1000BASE-X ports, 1 AC equipped


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Item S3700-52P-PWR-SI
Fixed port 48 10/100Base-TX ports, 2 100/1000Base-X SFP ports, 2 1000Base-X SFP ports
Forwarding performance 13.2 Mpps
Switching capacity 64Gbps
MAC address table Supports IEEE 802.1d compliance.
Supports 16K MAC address entries.
Supports MAC address learning and aging.
Supports Static, dynamic, and blackhole MAC address entries.
Packet filtering based on source MAC addresses
VLAN features Supports 4K VLANs
Supports Guest VLANs, voice VLAN, and super VLAN
Supports VLAN assignment based on MAC addresses, protocols, and IP subnets
Supports QinQ
Supports Selective QinQ
Supports 1:1 VLAN mapping
Supports N:1 VLAN mapping
Reliability Supports RRPP (ring topology, intersecting rings, and multi-instance), implementing protection switchover within 50 ms
Supports Smart Link tree topology and Smart Link multi-instance, providing the millisecond-level protection switchover
Supports STP(IEEE 802.1d), RSTP(IEEE 802.1w), and MSTP(IEEE 802.1s)
Supports BPDU protection, root protection and loop protection
Supports Smart Ethernet Protection (SEP)
IP routing Supports Static routing, RIPv1, RIPv2, and ECMP
IPv6 features Supports Neighbor Discovery (ND)
Supports Path MTU (PMTU)
Supports IPv6 ping, IPv6 tracert, and IPv6 Telnet
Supports Manually configured tunnel
Supports 6 to 4 tunnel
Supports ISATAP tunnel
Supports ACLs based on the source IPv6 address, destination IPv6 address, Layer 4
ports, or protocol type
Supports MLD v1/v2 snooping
Multicast Supports 1 K multicast groups
Supports IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping and IGMP fast leave
Supports Multicast VLAN and multicast replication between VLANs
Supports Multicast load balancing among member ports of a trunk
Supports Controllable multicast
Supports Port-based multicast traffic statistics
QoS/ACL Supports Rate limiting on packets sent and received by an interface
Supports Packet redirection
Supports Port-based traffic policing and two-rate three-color CAR
Supports Eight queues on each port
Supports WRR, DRR, SP, WRR+SP, and DRR+SP queue scheduling algorithms
Supports Re-marking of the 802.1p priority and DSCP priority
Supports Packet filtering on Layers 2 through 4, filtering out invalid frames based on the source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination
Supports IP address, port number, protocol type, and VLAN ID
Supports Rate limiting in each queue and traffic shaping on ports
Security & access Supports User privilege management and password protection
Supports DoS attack defense, ARP attack defense, and ICMP attack defense
Supports Binding of the IP address, MAC address, interface, and VLAN
Supports Port isolation, port security, and sticky MAC
Supports Blackhole MAC address entries
Supports Limit on the number of learned MAC addresses
Supports 802.1x authentication and limit on the number of users on an interface
Supports AAA authentication, RADIUS authentication, HWTACACS authentication, and NAC
Supports SSH v2.0 and CPU defense
Supports Blacklist and whitelist
Supports DHCP Server, DHCP Relay, DHCP Snooping, DHCP Security
Surge protection 6KV surge protection capability on service ports (1KV on service ports on PoE devices)
Management and maintenance Supports iStack and MAC Forced Forwarding (MFF)
Supports Remote configuration and maintenance using Telnet
Supports Auto-Config. And Virtual cable test
Supports Ethernet OAM (IEEE 802.3ah and 802.1ag)
Supports SNMP v1/v2c/v3 and RMON
Supports MUX VLAN,GVRP and Web NMS
Interoperability Supports VBST (Compatible with PVST/PVST+/RPVST)
Supports LNP (Similar to DTP)
Supports VCMP (Similar to VTP)
Operating environment Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C(long term);
Relative humidity: 10%–90% (non-condensing)
Power supply AC:
Rated voltage range: 100 V to 240 V AC; 50/60 Hz
Maximum voltage range: 90 V to 264 V AC; 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (mm) 442 (W) x 420 (D)x 43.6 (H)
Weight < 4.3Kg
Power consumption < 880W(PoE: 740W)

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Weight 8.5000 kg
Dimensions 57.7000 × 37.5000 × 12.0000 cm

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    S3700-52P-PWR-SI switch with 48 10/100Base-TX ports, 2 100/1000Base-X SFP ports, 2 1000Base-X SFP ports, these ports are enough for our customer’s network.

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