Huawei OSN7500 series SSN2PQ3 12xE3/T3 Optical Interface Board


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SSN2PQ3 overview

The PQ3 is a PDH processing board. The PQ3 can be used on the OptiX OSN equipment series to add and drop PDH signals. To transmit/receive and process 12xE3/T3 signals, the PQ3 must be used with the interface board.

Valid Slots

The PQ3 can be installed in slots 2, 3, 17, and 18, and must be used with the D34S.

Slots valid for the PQ3 and the corresponding slots for the D34S

Slot Valid for the PQ3
Corresponding Slot for the D34S
Slot 2 Slots 19 and 20
Slot 3 Slots 21 and 22
Slot 17 Slots 35 and 36
Slot 18 Slots 37 and 38


Basic functions Processes 12xE3/T3 signals.
Service processing
  • Transmits/Receives and processes 12xE3/T3 electrical signals.
  • Supports the E13 function, which is used to converge E1 services into E3 services.
  • Supports the M13 function, which is used to converge T1 services into T3 services.
Overhead processing Supports the setting and query of all the path overhead bytes at the VC-3 level.
Alarms and performance events Reports various alarms and performance events, which facilitates the management and maintenance of the equipment.
Maintenance features
  • Supports inloops and outloops at electrical interfaces.
  • Supports warm resets and cold resets. The warm reset does not affect services.
  • Supports the query of the manufacturing information of the board.
  • Supports the in-service loading of the FPGA.
  • Supports the upgrade of the board software without affecting services.
  • Supports the PRBS function. For details, see Availability.
  • Supports the CRC function.
Protection schemes Supports the TPS protection when working with the interface board and the switching and bridging board.


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