Huawei OSN 9800 M12 System Auxiliary Communication Board


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TMF2AUX overview

TMF2AUX System Auxiliary Communication Board

Applied to Huawei OSN 9800 M12, it locks the reference clock source and provides clock signals and frame signals to the system

TMF2AUX board supports 1+1 hot backup scheme, two AUXs serve as mutual backups

TMF2AUX board supports Physical Clocks

The TMF2AUX board is a system auxiliary communication board with the clock function. It implements clock and time synchronization for the entire NE, and can provide system clock signals and frame header signals for each service board. The clock signals comply with ITU-T G.813 and ITU-T G.823.

Functions and Features of the TMF2AUX Board (System Control and Communication Unit)



Basic function
  • Performs service grooming and configuration management inside the subrack and reports associated alarms to the NMS.
  • The AUX board collects overheads of other boards and sends the overheads to the SCC board. Then, the SCC board processes the overheads and sends the processed overheads to the AUX board. Subsequently, the AUX board sends the processed overheads back to the other boards.
  • Supports inter-NE communication through IP over DCC or HWECC.
Master-Slave subrack Supports subrack cascading.
DCC Supports interconnection and communication between NEs through IP over DCC, or HWECC.
Backup mode Supports 1+1 hot backup. When the active board is faulty, services are automatically switched to the standby board.

Functions and Features of the TMF2AUX Board (Clock Unit)



Basic function
  • The board provides system clock signals and frame header signals for each service board.
  • Clock synchronization: synchronizes the time of an NE to the upstream system time to complete the clock and time synchronization of the entire NE.
  • Clock source selection: The board can trace the external clock source, service clock source, or local clock source to provide the synchronization clock source for the board and the system.
  • Supports G.8271.
Physical clock Supported
IEEE 1588v2 Supported
ITU-T G.8275.1 Supported
ITU-T G.8273.2 Supported
High-precision clock synchronization Supported


  • The high-precision clock synchronization function can be implemented only after the corresponding license is obtained.
  • The board must work with the subrack and system control board that supports high-precision clock to support the high-precision clock synchronization function.For details, see Clock Synchronization Feature Guide.
Backup mode Supports 1+1 hot backup.

Functions and Features of the TMF2AUX Board (Interface Unit)



  • Provides Ethernet communication.
  • Provides common and emergency inter-subrack communication interfaces.
  • Provides clock and time signal input and output interface.


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