Huawei OSN6800 System Auxiliary Interface Board TN11AUX


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Huawei OSN6800 System Auxiliary Interface Board TN11AUX, PN: 03030LMF, which can be substituted by TN12AUX.

When a TN11AUX board is replaced with a TN12AUX board, the logical board for the TN12AUX board can be created as AUX on the NMS. This substitution does not require a board software upgrade. After the substitution, the TN12AUX board provides only the functions of the TN11AUX board.


The available functional versions of the AUX board are TN11, TN12, TN16, TN21, TN22, TN51, and TN52.


Mappings Between the Board and Equipment

The following provides the board(s) supported by the product. However, the availability of the board(s) is subject to PCNs. For PCN information, contact the product manager at your local Huawei office.

Product Board
Enhanced OptiX OSN 8800 T64 Subrack TN52AUX
General OptiX OSN 8800 T64 Subrack TN51AUX/TN52AUX
Enhanced OptiX OSN 8800 T32 Subrack TN52AUX
General OptiX OSN 8800 T32 Subrack TN51AUX/TN52AUX
OptiX OSN 8800 T16 Subrack TN16AUX
OptiX OSN 6800 Subrack TN11AUX/TN12AUX
OptiX OSN 3800 Chassis TN21AUX/TN22AUX



Mechanical Specifications
Typical Power Consumption(W) 12
Maximum Power Consumptiona (W) 17
Dimensions(mm) 107.6(H) x 25.4(W) x 220(D)
Weight(kg) 0.5

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    TN11AUX has been discuntinued, helps me to find one to replace broken one, thank you!

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