4-Channel Spectrum Analysis Board


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Huawei OSN6800 OSN8800 4-Channel Spectrum Analysis Board, Monitoring 40Gbps Singal

Optical Specifications
Item Value
Operating wavelength range(nm) 1529-1561
Detect accuracy for central wavelength(nm) ±0.1
Channel spacing(GHz) 50/100
Detect range for single channel optical power(dBm) -30 to -10
Detect accuracy for optical power(dB) ±1.5
OSNR detection accuracy A(The OSNR of 10 Gbit/s signals can be detected.)(dB) ±1.5 (OSNR: 13 to 19)
±2 (OSNR: 19 to 23)
OSNR detection accuracy Ba(The OSNR of 10, 40, and 100 Gbit/s signals can be detected.)(dB) ±1.5 (OSNR detection range: 13-23)
Numbers of optical interface(pcs) 4
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions(mm) 264.6(H) x 50.8(W) x 220(D)
Weight(kg) 1.9


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