Huawei OSN8800 RAU2 TN11RAU201 system auxiliary interface board


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Huawei OSN8800 RAU2 TN11RAU201 system auxiliary interface board.

System auxiliary interface board on Huawei OSN8800 T32 and OSN8800 T64.

Basic function Integrates a backward Raman unit and an EDFA unit and amplifies the input optical signals in C band.
The total wavelengths range from 1529 nm to 1561 nm.
Supports the system to transmit services over different fiber spans without electrical regeneration.
Generates multi-channel pump light of high power, providing energy for the amplification of signals in the fiber.
The TN12RAU2 board supports the interlock switch.
The interlock switch of a LINE port on the panel controls the power-on and power-off of the board and prevents eyes from being injured by laser when an optical fiber is inserted into or removed from the LINE port.


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