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TNF8SL64D overview

TNF8SL64D 2*STM-64 processing board applied to Huawei OSN 1800V.

The SL64D can be used to receive and transmit two STM-64 optical signals. The SL64D board converts the received optical signals into electrical signals and sends the electrical signals to the cross-connect side. In addition, the SL64D converts the electrical signals from the cross-connect side into optical signals and transmits the optical signals.

The SL64D receives/transmits 2xSTM-64 optical signals, performs O/E conversion for STM-64 optical signals, extracts and inserts overhead bytes, and reports alarms generated on the line.


Item TNF8SL64D
Basic functions Receives/transmits 2xSTM-64 optical signals.
Optical port specifications
  • Gray optical ports: I-64.1, S-64.2b, and P1L1-2D2 optical ports.
  • Colored optical ports: DWDM (STM-64, 40km)
Service processing Processes VC-12/VC-3/VC-4 services and VC-4-4c/VC-4-16c/VC-4-64c concatenated services.
ALS Supported.
DCN Supports outband DCN.
Overhead processing
  • Processes the section overheads of STM-64 signals.
  • Provides D1-D3 and orderwire byte channels.
  • Sets and queries J0, J1, and C2 bytes.
Pointer processing Processes AU pointers.
Alarms and performance events Provides various alarms and performance events, facilitating equipment management and maintenance.
Protection schemes
  • Supports two-fiber bidirectional ring MSP.
  • Supports linear MSP.
  • Supports SNCP.
  • When working with TNZ5UXCMS, the board supports SNCTP.
Overtemperature protection If the working temperature of the board exceeds the configured threshold and services are affected, the board will automatically reset the key chip to prevent damages to the board.
Line clock source Supports two channels of SDH line clock signals.
Maintenance features
  • Inloops and outloops at optical ports
  • Inloops and outloops on VC-4 paths and outloops on VC-3/VC-12 paths for quick fault locating
  • PRBS test
  • Setting of bit error threshold-crossing values and degrade thresholds
  • Warm resets and cold resets (with warm resets having no impact on services)
  • Board manufacturing information query
  • In-service FPGA loading
  • Hot board swapping
SDH ASON When working with TNZ5UXCMS, the board supports this function.
2M ASON When working with TNZ5UXCMS, the board supports this function.
Dimensions (W x H x D, unit: mm/in.) 193.8 x 19.8 x 205.9 (7.6 x 0.8 x 8.1)
Weight 0.60 kg (1.32 lb)
Power Consumption (W) 47-52

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