Huawei OptiX OSN 9800 TNG1DMS 32 x E1/T1 Electrical Interface Board


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TNG1DMS overview


TNG1DMS 32 x E1/T1 Electrical Interface Board applied to Huawei OptiX OSN 9800 U64/U32/M24.

To meet ultra-large cross-connect capacity and bandwidth requirements, Huawei presents the OptiX OSN 9800 product series. The OptiX OSN 9800 product series include the OptiX OSN 9800 U64, U32, P18 and universal platform subracks. Applied at the electrical layer, the OptiX OSN 9800 U64 and U32 subracks share boards by using unified software and hardware platforms, and can work with the OptiX OSN 9800 universal platform subrack and P18 subrack, OptiX OSN 8800 platform subrack and T16 subrack, and OptiX OSN 6800 optical subracks in WDM and OTN systems.

The TNG1DMS board has only one variant, that is TNG1DMS01.



Front panel of the TNG1DMS board


Front panel of the TNG1DMS board


Valid slots for the TNG1DMS board in a M24 subrack

Device Valid Slots
OptiX OSN 9800 M24 subrack IU1, IU12, IU13, IU24



Logical slots for the PD1 (primary, secondary)

Slot Valid for the DMS

OptiX OSN 9800 M24 subrack

142, 190


153, 201


154, 202


159, 207


Basic function Provides input and output ports of signal cables for the PD1 board.
Port specifications Supports thirty-two 75 Ω/120 Ω E1 or 100 Ω T1 ports.
TPS Works together with two PD1 boards to implement TPS protection.
Tributary clock sources Supports source selection for E1 clocks.
Alarm and performance event monitoring Monitors the operating temperature of the board and reports alarms.
Dimensions (H x W x D)
  • 237.10 × 30.50 × 220.00 (mm)
  • 9.34 × 1.20 × 8.67 (in.)
  • 1.15 kg
  • 2.54 lb.


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