Huawei OSN 9800 Dual 20*Port Wavelength Selective Switching multiplexing and demultiplexing Board


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TNG3DWSS20 overview

Dual 20*Port Wavelength Selective Switching multiplexing and demultiplexing Board.

As a type of wavelength selective switching board, the DWSS20 board is used with the optical multiplexer and demultiplexer unit and optical add and drop multiplexing unit to implement wavelength grooming at the nodes in the DWDM network.

  • Add any combination of wavelengths through any of the following optical interfaces: AM01 – AM20.
  • Drop any combination of wavelengths through any of the following optical interfaces: DM01 – DM20.
Basic function
  • Implements optical-layer service grooming for multiple wavelengths, and support contentionless.
  • Wavelength adding:
  • Adds any wavelengths from any directions through ports AM01 to AM20 and outputs the wavelengths through the OUT port.
  • Wavelength dropping:
  • Receives optical signals from the main path through the IN port, drops wavelengths to any directions, and outputs them through ports DM01 to DM20.
WDM specification Supports the DWDM specifications.
Spectrum application
  • Supports extended C-band wavelengths.
  • Supports signals with a 50 GHz channel spacing.
  • Supports flexible grid wavelength signals.
  • The signals have continuous n x slice GHz spectrums (one slice is equal to 6.25 GHz, and n is an integer ranging from 6 to 64) to meet the bandwidth requirements of high-rate services. When multi-rate services are transmitted together, bandwidth can be flexibly allocated to improve bandwidth usage.
Gain locking technology Not supported
Online optical performance monitoring Provides an online monitoring optical port (MON). Through this optical port, a small number of optical signals can be output to an optical spectrum analyzer or an optical spectrum analyzer board. In this manner, the spectrum and optical performance of the multiplexed optical signals can be monitored without interrupting services.


The online optical performance monitoring function can be used only for temporary optical performance monitoring when the MONI/MONO power meets the power detection range of the detection instrument or spectrum analysis board. For details about long-term monitoring, see the application scenarios of spectrum analysis boards.

Optical-layer ASON Supported
Optical power adjustment Supports power adjustment for each wavelength.
Multiplexing of the main optical path and supervisory signals Not supported
Loopback Supports optical-layer loopbacks.
Alarm and performance event monitoring Detects the optical power and reports the alarms and performance events for the board.


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