Huawei OptiX OSN 9800 TNV1T120S 20*SDI Video Service Processing Board


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TNV1T120S overview


TNV1T120S 20*SDI Video Service Processing Board applied to Huawei OptiX OSN 9800 M24.

To meet ultra-large cross-connect capacity and bandwidth requirements, Huawei presents the OptiX OSN 9800 product series. The OptiX OSN 9800 product series include the OptiX OSN 9800 U64, U32, P18 and universal platform subracks. Applied at the electrical layer, the OptiX OSN 9800 U64 and U32 subracks share boards by using unified software and hardware platforms, and can work with the OptiX OSN 9800 universal platform subrack and P18 subrack, OptiX OSN 8800 platform subrack and T16 subrack, and OptiX OSN 6800 optical subracks in WDM and OTN systems.

The TNV1T120S board has only one variant: TNV1T120SS01.



Front panel of the TNV1T120S board


Front panel of the TNV1T120S board


Valid slots for the TNV1T120S board in a M24 subrack

Device Number of Occupied Slots Physical Slot Logical Slot
OptiX OSN 9800 M24 2 (IU1, IU13), (IU2, IU14), ……, (IU11, IU23), (IU12, IU24) IU1 to IU12


Item TNV1T120S
Basic function Provides 20 tributary ports, performs O/E conversion on the received client services, encapsulates the services into ODU0/ODU1/ODUflex signals, and sends the encapsulated signals to the cross-connect board for grooming.
Backplane capacity The total backplane bandwidth is 200 Gbit/s.
Client-side service type
  • SDI: Serial digital interface at a rate of 270 Mbit/s
  • HD-SDIRBR: Bit-serial digital interface for high-definition television systems at a rate of 1.49/1.001 Gbit/s
  • HD-SDI: Bit-serial digital interface for high-definition television systems at a rate of 1.49 Gbit/s
  • 3G-SDIRBR: Video service at a rate of 2.97/1.001 Gbit/s
  • 3G-SDI: Video service at a rate of 2.97 Gbit/s
  • DVB-ASI: Video service at a rate of 270 Mbit/s
Service mapping mode
FEC coding Not supported
OTN overhead protocol Uses the frame format and overhead processing compliant with ITU-T G.709.
OTN overhead ODU1 layer/ODU0 layer/ODUflex layer: supports PM overhead processing.
LPT Not supported
Client 1+1 protection Supported
ODUk SNCP Supported


Supports ODUk SNCP (non-hitless) and ODUk SNCP (hitless). When ODUk SNCP (hitless) protection is enabled, the latency difference between the working and protection paths cannot exceed 5 ms.
Tributary SNCP Not supported
Electrical-layer ASON Supported


  • If the board matching TNU1CTU/TNS1CTU creates unidirectional ASON services to M series NE as the first node,the NE needs to be upgraded to V100R019C10SPH906.
  • When unidirectional ASON services are created on a board, M series NE on an ASON network must be upgraded to V100R022C10SPC100 or later.
L1 service encryption Supported


Supports unidirectional service encryption and bidirectional service encryption.
ALS Supported
LLDP Not supported
Physical clock Not supported
IEEE 1588v2 Not supported
ITU-T G.8275.1 Not supported
ITU-T G.8273.2 Not supported
Outband DCN Not supported
Test frame Not supported
PRBS Supported the PRBS function in the backplane direction.
Latency measurement The PM section latency measurement is supported in the backplane direction (upstream direction) of the board.


Latency measurement is supported only when a service is bidirectional.
Channel loopback Not supported
Port loopback
  • Supports client-side inloops and outloops.
  • Supports client-side ODUk inloops and outloops.


Supports loopback only when services are bidirectional.

Alarm and performance event monitoring
  • Supports the monitoring of BIP8 bytes (Bursty mode) to help locate line faults.
  • Supports the monitoring of OTN alarms and performance events.
  • Supports the monitoring of the laser bias current.
  • Supports the laser temperature monitoring.
  • Supports the optical power monitoring.
  • Supports framing and bit error detection on the received video service.
Dimensions (H x W x D)
  • 477.30 × 30.50 × 220.00 (mm)
  • 18.81 × 1.20 × 8.67 (in.)
  • 3.00 kg
  • 6.61 lb.


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