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To be a responsible online store, offer 1 year warranty for supplied products. Meanwhile all products had been passed our 2-times test procedure before delivery.

All products you received had been passed 2-times test procedure:

1 In stock test

To check appearance to avoid defect products

Compatibility test, system integration test and hardware reliability test

Stock registration

2 Pre-delivery

Retest before delivery

To record product S/N for after-sales service
Test procedure, examples as below:

1. We chose Huawei S6720S-26Q-LI-24S-AC switches for testing.

2. Use console line to connect computer and the CON port of switch.

3. Use CRT to log in to the switch.

4. Use "display transceiver verbose" command, and the following information will be obtained. 01 port and 02 port, two optical modules are extracted as examples:

5. Insert the optical module, there will be no alarm immediately. After waiting for a few minutes, if the switch pops up an alarm, it will be displayed as follows:


1. We chose MA5680T OLT for testing.

2. Use console line to connect computer and the CON port of OLT.

3. Use CRT to log in to the OLT.

4. Use "enable", "config"command,enter the config status.

5. Use "board confirm 0/X", add the GICF or X2CS board.

6. Use "interface giu 0/X", enter the GICF or X2CS board.

7. Use "display port opticstate 0" (or other port number), show the SFP info.


1. Choose Huawei ME60-X8 for testing.

2. Connect computer and main control board SRUA CONSOLE port via a console cable.

3. Login ME60-X8 via CRT.

4. “display device” check mother card status.

5. “display device pic-status” check daughter card status.

6. “display version” check ME60-X8 system and cards version.

7. “display device 2” “display elabel 2” check cards description, manufactured time and barcode.


1. Choose OSN 3500 for testing.

2. Connect computer and the ETH port on OSN3500 by a ETH cable.

3. Add an IP address on PC Ethernet card,

4. Open Navigator, use ‘:ver’ command to check the NE ID of the OSN3500.

5. Use ‘:cm-set-gateway:’ command to set up gateway.

6. Close Navigator, delete the IP address ‘’. Unplug the ETH cable which connected to the computer and connect it to a Switch.

7. Open U2000 client, create a new NE.

8. Open the new NE, right click each board, click ‘Board Manufacturer Information’ to check board info, SFP info.

9. There will be an alarm on the U2000 if boards have compatibility problem, quality problem, etc. ‘R_LOS’ alarm is normal when optical modules on service board are not connected by optical fiber.