ZXR10 5800-8

ZXR10 5800-8

ZXR10 5800-8 router is intelligent multi-service router integrated with routing, switching, wireless, security, VPN and NAT


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ZXR10 5800 series router is intelligent multi-service router integrated with routing, switching, wireless, security, VPN and NAT. ZXR10 5800 series products include 5800-4, and 5800-8, support key components such as main control unit and power supply redundancy, suitable for customer access, DCN, campus network, government network gateway, corporate headquarters / branch access, mobile office and other networks.

Strong and Compact, Stable and Reliable
  • ARMv8-based multi-core engine, higher performance and lower power consumption.
  • Key components redundancy and modular hardware & software components create a high-reliability system.
  • Designs refining, 220mm depth, cabling and all operations are on the front side, greatly reduce the system installation space requirements.
All-in-one, Unified bearer
  • Routers, switches, firewalls, VPN gateways and NAT gateways are in one box, reduce CAPEX.
  • Built-in OSU(Open Service Unit) board help the customers flexible building branch virtual cloud host.
  • Supports IPv6 transition technologies such as dual stack, tunneling, and translation help customers smoothly evolve to IPv6 networks.
Rapid deployment, Easy management
  • Auto configuration, USB start and batch deployment, enhance remote maintenance capability, simplify operation and maintenance.
  • Support WEB GUI for fast deployment and easy maintenance.
  • Support SQA(service quality measure), Ethernet OAM, BFD and so on detection method for real-time monitoring of the network, to improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.
Reliable and Efficient
  • Complete control plane security technology easily resist external attacks.
  • Built-in stateful firewall fully protect customer network security.
  • Comprehensive VPN technology and multiple encryption algorithms ensure data transimission security.
Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Board intelligently hibernated and the idle service board intelligently turned off greatly reduces power consumption.
  • Intelligent fan speed control, reducing fan power consumption while finely controlling the temperature of the device.
  • The manufacturing process is strictly in compliance with RoHS standards and uses lead-free green materials to reduce CO2 emissions.


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