ZXR10 6804

ZTE ZXR10 6804 chassis provide 2 MPFUs slots, 4 PIUs slots, 2 power supply slot, 1 vertical air filter slot, and vertical fan slot


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ZXR10 6804 overview

The height of the ZXR10 6804 chassis is 4U (1U = 44.45 mm), and the dimensions (H × W × D) are 175 mm × 442 mm × 200 mm. For the main components of the chassis.

Heat Dissipating Method

The ZXR10 6804 chassis uses forced air cooling for heat dissipation. The ZXR10 6804 chassis can automatically adjust the fan speed, monitor the status of the fan module, and report alarms if faults occur. Cool air is taken in from one side of the chassis, goes through the boards and power supply modules inside the chassis, and is blown out from the other side of the chassis.

Description of the Main Components of the ZXR10 6804 Chassis

Component Name Description
Board area In the board area of the ZXR10 6804 chassis, two slots are provided for MPFUs and four slots for PIUs.1
Power supply module The ZXR10 6804 chassis has two power supply modules.
Fan module The ZXR10 6804 chassis has one vertical fan module.
Air Filter The ZXR10 6804 chassis has one vertical air filter.
Parameter Specification
Physical parameter Dimensions (height × width × depth) 175 mm × 442 mm × 200 mm
Weight (full configuration) < 20 kg
Slot Total number of slots 6
Number of PIU slots 4 (5)1
DC power (single) Redundancy mode 1+1
Maximum output power 500 W
Input voltage range -72 DC to -38 V DC
AC power (single) Redundancy mode 1+1
Rated input voltage 100 V AC–240 V AC
Input frequency range 50 Hz–60 Hz
Rated output power per module 500 W
Heat dissipation system Number of fan moduless 1
Grounding resistance Resistance of joint grounding < 5 Ω


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