Cisco C9500X-28C8D switch supports 28x100G + 8x400G switch, NW Advantage License


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C9500X-28C8D overview

Cisco C9500X-28C8D switch supports 28x100G + 8x400G switch, NW Advantage License.

The Catalyst 9500 Series, including the new Catalyst 9500X models, continues to shape the future with continued innovation that helps you reimagine connections, reinforce security and redefine the experience for your hybrid workforce big and small.

Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series switches based on Cisco Unified Access Data Plane (UADP) Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) are Cisco’s lead fixed enterprise core and aggregation switching platform and as part of the Catalyst 9000 family, are built to transform your network to handle a hybrid world where the workplace is anywhere, endpoints could be anything, and applications are hosted all over the place.

C9500X-28C8D performance
  • Intel 2.43-GHz x86 CPU with 8 cores and 32-GB of DDR4 memory allowing for application hosting.
  • 80MB of dedicated buffer to allow for low latency packet forwarding.
  • 8GB of on-demand High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) providing very deep packet buffers and route table expansion.
  • Up to 960 GB of SSD local storage for container-based application hosting (2x 10G KR ports)
  • ASIC tables for switching scale up to 256K MAC addresses and routing scale up to 2M routes.
  • Customizable SDM templates allowing for tweaking already high scale numbers even further.
  • Hardware support for line-rate 256-bit 802.1ae MACsec and WAN-MACsec data encryption.
  • Hardware support for Precision Time Protocol (PTP, IEEE 1588v2) with accurate clock synchronization and sub-microsecond accuracy, suitable for distribution and synchronization of time and frequency.
Switching capacity Up to 12 Tbps
Forwarding rate 8 Bpps
Total number of MAC addresses Up to 256,0001
Total number of IPv4 routes (indirect routes) Up to 2,000,0006
Flash 16 GB
VLAN IDs 4094
Jumbo frame

9,216 bytes

Dimensions(H x W x D)

H = 1.73” (4.39 cm)

W = 17.5” (44.45 cm)

D = 21.8” (55.37 cm) (including Fan Tray Handles)

Chassis with 2 power supplies and built-In fan

29.27 lbs (13.28kg)

Weights separated:

Chassis = 22.13 lbs (10.04kg)

Each Fan Tray = 0.26 lbs (0.12kg)

AC PSU = 2.77 lbs (1.26kg)

DC PSU = 2.71 lbs (1.23kg)


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