1. When BMS DC Load patch from OLT (MA5600T)fail

    iManager N2000 BMS V200R011C01B037CP2002 MA5600V800R003C02B056CP1001(original)? SPH002(new patch)
  2. which controls the error report of deactiving an ADSL port

    Closing the switch which controls the error report of deactiving an ADSL port results in deactiving an inexistent ADSL port
  3. Description on the flow control of the NG SDH EFT data board

    No matter the working mode is auto-negotiation or forced mode, use ::ethn-cfg-set-fcmode: to set flow control mode. 
  4. When Cross-Connect Capacity of the OptiX OSN 1500 V1R2

    Table 1-1 shows the cross-connect capacity of the OptiX OSN 1500. Table 1-1 Cross-connect capacity
  5. Difference between Huawei SSN1SLD64 and SSN4SLD64 - Telecomate.com

    SSN4SLD64(P1L1-2D2), SSN1SLD64(LS-64.2), both provie 2*STM-64 Optical Interface Board for up to 80km, what the different with this two boards?
  6. What about Constituent boards and functions of units of the OptiX OSN 1500?

    Constituent boards and functions of units of  the OptiX OSN 1500
  7. How to calculate the total fiber line loss

    If the bidding documents do not describe the fiber attenuation coefficient, just provide design parameters according to common fiber parameters, Huawei provides the following defaults for project evaluation
  8. How to load extended BIOS in BIOS mode?

    Sometimes we meet problems that control board cannot become normal, and also device is not pingable.
  9. UA5000 IPMB often lossing management

    management on first site is OK, and during failed management on first site, on second site management is OK. Also in the second site IPMB and PVMB work in integrated mode
  10. How to update license from 150M to 200M for IFU2 card by Navigator?

    Normally we recommend to update with U2000 client, in some scenario without U2000 we have to perform with Navigator.