Huawei CE12804S switch chassis with 2 MPU slots, 4 LPU slots, 2 SFU slots, 4 Power Module slots, 3 Fan Module slots


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CE12804S overview

CE12804S is one of the Huawei CE12800 switches, which comes with 4 service slots.

CloudEngine 12800 (CE12800 for short) series switches are next-generation, high-performance core switches designed for data center networks and high-end campus networks. Using Huawei’s next-generation VRP8 operating system, CE12800 series switches provide stable, reliable, and secure high-performance Layer 2/Layer 3 switching capabilities to help build an elastic, virtualized, and high-quality network.

CE12800 series switches use an advanced hardware architecture design and provide 100GE/40GE/10GE/GE line cards with various port densities. The switches support high-density access of high-speed servers and aggregation of TOR switches, providing high performance and large capacity for data center networks.

CE12800 series switches use an industry-leading Clos architecture and a strict front-to-back airflow design to provide industrial-grade reliability. The switches also provide comprehensive virtualization capabilities and extensive data center service features. Moreover, they adopt multiple innovative energy-saving technologies to greatly reduce power consumption.


CE12804S fast spec

Switching capacity: 30/258 Tbps

Forwarding capacity: 17,280 Mpps

Operating voltage: AC: 90 V to 290 V DC: -40 V to -72 V HVDC: 188 V to 288 V

Max. power supply (W): 6000


CE12804S appearance


1. CE12800 series switches chassis header, showing the following:

  • Product series name:For the CE12804S chassis, the series name is CloudEngine 12800S.
  • Huawei Logo
4. MPU

  • The CE12804S chassis supports two MPUs.
5. LPU

  • The CE12804S chassis supports four LPUs.
6. Front ESD jack


When maintaining components at the front of a chassis, wear an ESD wrist strap and insert the other end of the ESD wrist strap into this ESD jack.

8. Power modules

The CE12804S chassis supports four power modules.

  • The CE12804S DC chassis uses the 2200 W DC Power Module.
  • The CE12804S AC&high-voltage DC chassis uses the 3000 W AC&high-Voltage DC Power Module.
9. Cable management frame


Cable management frames are installed on the left and right sides of a chassis to route cables in each slot.

10. Fan modules

  • The CE12804S chassis uses the FAN-600A-B Fan Module.
  • The CE12804S chassis supports three fan modules.
11. SFU

  • The CE12804S chassis supports two SFU cards.
12. Power distribution unit 13. Rear ESD jack


When maintaining components at the rear of a chassis, wear an ESD wrist strap and insert the other end of the ESD wrist strap into this ESD jack.

14. Two ground points for a dual-hole ground lug, with a yellow grounding label attached


To protect a chassis from lightning and electromagnetic interference, use Ground Cable to ground the chassis.

17. Serial number label 18. MAC address label
Item CE12804S
Physical specifications Dimensions (W x D x H): 442 mm x 751 mm x 352.8 mm (17.40 in. x 29.57 in. x 13.89 in. (8U))

Depth from fan module handles to the lower enclosure frame: 751 mm (29.57 in.)

Depth from fan module handles to the air filter door: 766 mm (30.16 in.)


Empty: 60 kg (132.28 lb)

Fully loaded: 120 kg (264.56 lb)

Environment parameters Temperature Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F) at an altitude between 0 m and 1800 m (0 ft. and 5906 ft.)


When the altitude is between 1800 m and 4000 m (5906 ft. and 13123 ft.), the highest operating temperature reduces by 1°C (1.8°F) every time the altitude increases by 220 m (722 ft.).

Storage temperature: -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)

Relative humidity 5% RH to 85% RH, noncondensing
Altitude < 4000 m (13123 ft.)
Noise (27°C) ≤ 78 dBA
Power specifications Power port The power modules are plug-and-play. Power cables are connected to sockets on the power distribution unit at the rear of the chassis.
AC power input Rated voltage: 110 V AC/220 V AC; 50 Hz/60 Hz

Rated voltage range: 100 V AC to 120 V AC/200 V AC to 240 V AC

Maximum voltage range: 90 V AC to 290 V AC; 47 Hz to 63 Hz

Maximum input current: 18.5 A

DC power input Rated voltage: -48 V DC/-60 V DC

Maximum voltage range: -40 V DC to -72 V DC

Rated input current: 50 A @ -48 V DC

Maximum input current: 62 A @ -40 V DC

High-voltage DC power input Rated voltage: 240 V DC

Rated voltage range: 188 V DC to 288 V DC

Maximum output power of AC power modules Using PHD-3000WA power modules:

380 V three-phase AC input, 220 V single-phase AC input, or 110 V dual-live-wire AC input:

N+N backup, N+1 backup, and N+0 mode (N ≤ 2): 3000 W x 2 = 6000 W

110 V single-live-wire AC input:

N+1 backup (N ≤ 3): 1500 W x 3 = 4500 W

N+0 mode (N ≤ 4): 1500 W x 4 = 6000 W


If the power modules use a 110 V power source, follow these suggestions:

1. Use double live wires. In this case, the output power of a power module is 3000 W.

2. If only one live wire is used, the output power of a power module is 1500 W. In this case, it is recommended that you use more power modules or change the power module backup mode to increase the output power.

Maximum output power of DC power modules N+N backupc (N ≤ 2): 2200 W x 2 = 4400 W

N+1 backup and N+0 mode (N ≤ 3): 2200 W x 3 = 6600 W

Maximum output power of high-voltage DC power modules N+N backup, N+1 backup, and N+0 mode (N ≤ 2): 3000 W x 2 = 6000 W
Heat dissipation The power modules have their own fans, which cool the power modules through front-to-back airflow.
Hot swap The power modules are hot swappable.
Reliability and availability Modules Power module:If double external power supply systems are used, the N+N backup mode is recommended.

If a single external power supply system is used, you can use more power modules or change the power module backup mode to increase the output power. To enhance system reliably, you are advised to use the N+1 backup mode.

Fan module: Fan modules work in hot backup mode. At normal temperature range, the system can operate normally for a short time after a single fan module fails. You are advised to replace the faulty fan module immediately.
MPU: 1:1 hot standby
CMU: Not supported
Hot swap: All the power modules, fan modules, and cards support hot swap.
Chassis Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): 39.02 years

Mean time to repair (MTTR): 1 hour

Availability: 0.99999667


The preceding values are calculated based on the typical configuration of the product. The actual values will vary depending on the modules configured in the equipment.

Technical specifications Maximum port density V100R005C00 and V100R005C10: 32x100GE, 96x40GE, 384x10GEa, or 192xGE

V100R006C00: 32x100GE, 144x40GE, 576x10GEa, or 192xGE

V200R001C00 and V200R002C50: 72x100GE, 144x40GE, 288x25GEb, 576x10GEa, or 192xGE

V200R003C00: 144x100GE, 144x40GE, 576x25GEb, 576x10GEa, or 192xGE

Certification Safety standards compliance

EMC standards compliance

Environmental standards compliance

The CE12804/CE12808/CE12812/CE12816 system uses an orthogonal connector architecture, and the CE12804S/CE12808S system uses a horizontal connector architecture. The orthogonal and horizontal connector architectures, together with the dynamic distributed large buffer on LPUs, can better handle high traffic rates and traffic bursts resulting from cloud computing.

The CE12800 series switches are highly scalable. The CE12800 series switches support the cluster switch system (CSS) technology, which virtualizes multiple physical devices into one logical device to simplify network management and improve network reliability.

The CE12800 series switches have various chassis models to meet different user requirements. You can select chassis according to your network requirements.

Chassis Model MPU Quantity SFU Quantity CMU Quantity LPU Quantity PM Quantity FAN Quantity
CE12804 chassis 2 6 2 4 4 9
CE12808 chassis 2 6 2 8 8 13
CE12812 chassis 2 6 2 12 12 17
CE12816 chassis 2 6 2 16 20 23
CE12804s chassis 2 2 0

Note: The MPUs integrate the monitoring function.

4 4 3
CE12808s chassis 2 4 0

Note: The MPUs integrate the monitoring function.

8 8 6


  • The CE12800 AC chassis, DC chassis, and AC&high-voltage DC chassis differ in their power supply modes. Other configurations of these chassis are the same.
  • Unless otherwise specified, CE12800 chassis mentioned in this document include the AC chassis, DC chassis, and AC&high-voltage DC chassis.
  • Unless otherwise specified, CE12800 series switches mentioned in this document include CE12804/CE12808/CE12812/CE12816/CE12804S/CE12808S switches.

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