4-Port OC-48c/STM-16c POS-SFP Flexible Card

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Item CR53-P10-4xPOS/STM16-SFP
Mapping motherboard LPUF-50, four sub-slots
LPUF-50-L, four sub-slots
LPUF-50, four sub-slots, 4G Memory
LPUF-50-L, four sub-slots, 4G Memory
Line-Rate capability Provides four 2.5G POS interfaces for line-rate transmitting and receiving.
Whether breakout is supported No
Reliability and availability Hot swappable.
Link protocol PPP, HDLC
Dimensions (H x W x D) 18.4 mm x 169 mm x 189.9 mm (0.72 in. x 6.65 in. x 7.48 in.)
Typical power consumption 20.3 W
Weight 0.5 kg (1.10 lb)

Additional information

Weight 2.0000 kg
Dimensions 36.5000 × 31.0000 × 10.0000 cm


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