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PN 03030WGY

12-Port OTU2-SFP+ Flexible Card(P240)

Shenzhen Warehouse
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Item CR5D00TBXF70
Mapping motherboard

Flexible Card Line Processing Unit(LPUF-120)

Flexible Card Line Processing Unit(LPUF-120) B

Flexible Card Line Processing Unit(LPUF-120) E

Line-Rate capability Provides twelve 10GE OTN interfaces for line-rate transmitting and receiving.
Whether breakout is supported No
Reliability and availability Hot swappable.
Restrictions and remarks

The mix use of enhanced-i-4 and enhanced-i-7 for interfaces on the same card is not supported.

When this subcard is used together with the CR5DLPUFB070 or CR5DLPUFB07B or CR5DLPUFB07E supports only one such card, and each CR5DLPUFF070 or CR5DLPUFF07B or CR5DLPUFF07E or CR5DLPUFE07E supports two such cards.When this subcard is used together with the CR5DLPUFF170 on an NE40E-X3, the upper limit of the short-term operating temperature of the NE40E-X3 is reduced by 5°C, and the long-term operating temperature range remains unchanged.

Dimensions (H x W x D) 18.4 mm x 169 mm x 189.9 mm (0.72 in. x 6.65 in. x 7.48 in.)
Typical power consumption 56.0 W
Weight 0.8 kg (1.76 lb)





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