Huawei ETP48400-C3B1 AC/DC embedded power system 24kw for 5G sites


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The ETP48400-C3B1 is embedded power systems that convert AC power into DC power. They supply –48 V or –57 V constant voltage to telecommunications equipment. The maximum capacity of the ETP48400-C3B1 is 24 kW. It apply to 5G sites as well as capacity expansion and reconstruction of existing sites.

  • C3 means 3U chassis, can be installed in a 19-inch rack
  • 220/380 V AC three-phase four-wire, compatible with 220 V AC single-phase
  • LLVD: 2x125A, 3x63A
  • BLVD: 2x63A, 2x32A, 2x16A
  • Provides comprehensive battery management
  • Site monitoring unit: SMU02C
  • User interface module: UIM05B1
  • (Optional) Communications expansion module: NIM01C3 or CIM02C
  • Recitifier R4875G1 (maximum configure 6)

ETP48400-C3B1 appearance

(1) Ground screw (2) AC input module (3) LLVD power distribution

(4) SMU02C (5) BLVD power distribution (6) Battery wiring ports

(7) Reserved slot for CIM02C/NIM01C3 (8) UIM05B1 (9) Space for rectifiers

Item ETP48400-C3B1
AC input Input type Three phase compatible single phase
Input voltage Three phase:147VAC~519VAC;Sinle phase:85VAC~300VAC
Input frquency 45~65Hz,Rated: 50Hz/60Hz
Input Breakers 1 × 63A/3P MCB
SPD 20kA/40kA(8/20μs)
DC distribution Output voltage Normal mode:42VDC ~ 58VDC,Rated: 53.5VDC
5G mode :57VDC(optional BoostLi battery)
Max capacity 24kW(6 × 4KW)
Battery load Dould load OTterminals ,2 × 200A
LLVD 2 × 125A MCB,3 × 63A MCB
BLVD 2 × 63A MCB,2 × 32A MCB,2 × 16A MCB
SPD 10kA/20kA(8/20μs )
Rectifier Mode R4875G5 R4850G5
Input voltage 85VAC~300VAC, Rated  220VAC
Rated power 4000W(176VAC~300VAC) 3000W(176VAC ~ 300VAC)
4000W ~ 1600W(175VAC~85VAC(Linear derating) 3000W ~ 1250W(176VAC ~ 85VAC(Linear derating)
Efficiency Max 97% Max 96%
Work temperature -40ºC~+75ºC
Size(W× D × H) 105mm × 281mm × 40.8mm
Weight ≤2.2kg ≤2.0kg
Power factor ≥0.99
THD ≤5%
Controller Singnal input 2 load AI(battery tem,enviroment tem)
4 load DI(1 load door sensor,1load smoke sensor,1load water sensor,,1 load reserve)
Alarm output 8 loads DO
Communication RS232, RS485, CAN,FE
Storage Up to 1000 histroy alarms report
Screen LCD,support Mobile APP
Networking mode IP,GPRS,Internet
System Dimension (W× D × H ) 442mm × 330mm × 130mm
Weight <20kg (no rectifier)
Install mode 19 inch rack install
Environement Work tem -40ºC ~ +65ºC
Storage tem -40ºC ~ +70ºC
Operating humidity 5% ~ 95%(No condensation)
Altitude 0 ~ 4000m (temperature derating in 2000m~4000m, every 200m increase, working temperature decreases by 1ºC)

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