ZTE ZXA10 C600 C650 C620 16-port XGS-PON & GPON Combo Service Board with C+ Module


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GFCH RC0 is a 16-port XGS-PON & GPON combo subscriber card, which can be applied to ZTE ZXA10 C600/C650/C620 GPON OLT.

  • ZTE 16-port XGS-PON & GPON Combo service card GFCH
  • Apply to ZTE ZXA10 C600/C650/C620 GPON OLT
  • Provides 16-port XGS-PON & GPON access.
  • XGS-PON supports a maximum split ratio of 1:128.
  • GPON supports a maximum split ratio of 1:128.
  • Supports the access of XGS-PON ONUs, XG-PON ONUs and GPON ONUs.
  • Supports OLS.
  • Supports the optical module ALS function.
  • Supports hot swappable.
Item GFCH RC0 C+
Port 16-port
Interface XGS-PON & GPON Combo
Function XGS-PON & GPON service access
Specification XGS-PON & GPON Combo SFP+ interface, with built-in internal multiplexing, SC/UPC optical connector
Modules of the XG-PON Subscriber Card
Management and control module Configures, controls, and manages the card.
PON MAC module Implements all the functions on the GPON layer defined in ITU-T G.984.3 and the XGS-PON layer defined by ITU-T G.989.3 and ITU-T G.987.3.
NP module
Implements data processing on the service layer, including service bandwidth and QoS processing based on service types and user needs to meet the SLA requirements. The data processing function complies with TR156.
Optical module Provides a GPON optical interface that complies with ITU-T G.984.2 or an XGS-PON optical interface that complies with ITU-T G.9807.
Clock module Processes the system clock in compliance with ITU-T G.8262, G.8264, and G.781.
Device Specifications
Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions (L x H x W) 393.1 mm × 23.9 mm × 214 mm

Q: What are the service cards for ZTE ZXA10 C600/C650/C620 OLT?


Card Type Card Model Description
GPON GFGH 16-port GPON subscriber card
10G GPON GFTH 16-port XGS-PON subscriber card
GFXL 16-port XG-PON subscriber card
GFBH 16-port XG-PON & GPON Combo subscriber card
GFCH 16-port XGS-PON & GPON Combo subscriber card
10G-EPON EFTH  16-port 10G-EPON subscriber card


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    This card is very difficult to find, and Telecomate provided me with 5 pieces to solve our urgent need.

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    The price is much cheaper than the local market, I tested TX Power and download speed, we are satisfied.

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    The product quality is exceptional, and their rigorous testing guarantees top-notch performance.

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