H806GPBH-C+ module

H806GPBH-C+ module

H806GPBH is a 8-port GPON OLT Interface Board with C+ module, apply to Huawei MA5608T/MA5680T/MA5683T


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H806GPBH is a 8 port GPON interface card of Huawei OLT, provides GPON service access from ONT. GPBD can maximum access 8*128 GPON subscribers. GPBH has two versions H806GPBH, H807GPBH with B+, C+/C++ SFP module.

Huawei 8-GPON Port Interface Card with C+ SFP module

Apply to Huawei MA5683T, MA5680T, MA5608T OLT system

Available at 2 versions:H806GPBH, H807GPBH

Support split ration 1:128

Support ONU-based queue shaping (GPBD Not)

Transmit Speed: 2.49Gbit/s, Receive Speed: 1.24Gbit/s

Interface Type: SC/PC

Max Transmit Distance: 20KM

Transmit Wavelength: 1490nm, Receive Wavelength: 1310nm

Standards Compliance: ITU-T G.984.1, ITU-T G.984.2, ITU-T G.984.3, ITU-T G.984.4

C+ SFP Module Optical Power: 3 dBm~7 dBm, Receiver Sensitivity: -32 dBm

Service ports
GPON Port 8-GPON Port
GPON SFP Module Specification
Type B+ Module : One-fiber bi-directional optical module, class B+

C+ Module : One-fiber bi-directional optical module, class C+

C++ Module: One-fiber bi-directional optical module, class C++

Operating Wavelength Tx: 1490 nm, Rx: 1310 nm
Encapsulation Type SFP
Port Rate B+:Tx: 2.49 Gbit/s, Rx: 1.24 Gbit/s

C+:Tx: 2.49 Gbit/s, Rx: 1.24 Gbit/s

C++:Tx: 2.488 Gbit/s, Rx: 1.244 Gbit/s

Minimum Output Optical Power B+ Module : 1.50 dBm

C+ Module : 3.00 dBm

C++ Module: 6.00 dBm

Maximum Output Optical Power B+ Module : 5.00 dBm

C+ Module : 7.00 dBm

C++ Module : 10.00 dBm

Maximum Receiver Sensitivity B+ Module : -28.00 dBm

C+ Module : -32.00 dBm

C++ Module: -35.00 dBm

Optical Connector Type SC/PC
Optical Fiber Type Single-mode
Reach 20.00 km
Overload Optical Power B+ Module : -28.00 dBm

C+ Module : -12.0 dBm

C++ Module : -15.0 dBm

Extinction Ratio 8.2 dB
Device Specifications
Dimensions (mm) 22.86 (W) x 237.00 (D) x 395.40 (H)
Power Consumption and Maximum Frame Size
Power Consumption H806GPBH : Static: 32 W, Maximum: 46 W
H807GPBH:  The data is being tested.
Maximum Frame Size 2004 bytes
Operating temperature -25°C to +65°C

Additional information

Weight 3.5000 kg
Dimensions 50.0000 × 33.0000 × 8.0000 cm

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    I bought the device for my MA5608T, and generally speaking, it is very satisfactory to me.

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