Huawei OSN3500 Bundle

Huawei OSN3500 Bundle

Huawei OSN3500 subrack SSNESUBRACK with 2xSSN1PIUB, 1xSSN1AUX

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Huawei STM-64/STM-16 level MSTP OSN3500 Subrack with 15 service slots

Equipped with 2xSSN1PIUB, 1xSSN1AUX

Switch Capacity TDM: 200 Gbit/s (higher order), 20 Gbit/s (lower order)
Packet: 160 Gbit/s
Service Slots 15 slots for processing boards and 16 slots for interface boards
Supported interfaces MSTP interfaces STM-1 /4/16/64, E1/E3/E4/T1/T3, FE/GE/10GE, DDN, IMA/ATM, FEC/EFEC, E1 optical interface, SAN, Video
PCM interfaces FXS/FX O, 2/4 wire/E&M
V.35/X .21/V.11/V.24/V.28, RS232/422, G.703 64Kbit/s codirectional interface
Packet transport interfaces E1, ch STM-1, ATM STM-1, FE/GE/10GE
WDM interfaces 40-cha nnel DWDM interfaces, compliant with ITU-T G.694.1
8-chan nel CWDM interfaces, compliant with ITU-T G.694.2
Power Supply DC: -48V DC or -60V DC
AC: 220V/110V AC
Maximum Number of
Services Supported by a Single Subrack
Service Interface Max Service Interface Max
STM-64 12 STM-16 60
STM-4 142 STM-1 224
STM-1 (electrical) 132 E4 32
E3/T3 117 E1/T1 504
E1 Optical 112 FE 180
GE 56 10GE 16
DDN (N×64K) 64 Framed E1 64
FXS/FXO 90 2/4 wire/E&M 64
STM-1 ATM 60 STM-4 ATM 15
FC200 8 DVB-ASI 56
Clock Synchronization Line clock source
Tributary clock source
Two external clock inputs/outputs (2 MHz or 2 Mbit/s)
Auxiliary Interface Orderwire interface, NNI connection interfaces
management serial interface, serial interfaces, 64 kbit/s codirectional data channel, 10M/100M NM interface, commissioning interface
Alarm interface, Cabinet alarm indicator interface
Mechanical Specification
Dimensions(mm) 722 (H) x 497 (W) x 295 (D)
Weight(kg) 38

Additional information

Weight 60.0000 kg
Dimensions 62.6000 × 47.4000 × 10.0500 cm

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