Huawei OSN7500 Bundle

Huawei OSN7500 Bundle

Huawei OSN7500 subrack SSNESUBRACK with 2xSSN1PIUB, 1xSSN1AUX

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OSN7500 empty subrack SSNESUBRACK default equipped with 2 SSN1PIU (Power Interface Unit), 1 SSN1AUX (System Auxiliary Interface Board), 2 PCS power cable, 1 PCS earth cable, 1 accessory package.

Switching Capacity TDM: 360 Gbit/s (higher order), 40Gbit/s (lower order)
Packet: 160 Gbit/s
Service Slots 22 slots for interface boards and 8 slots for processing boards
Supported Interfaces MSTP interfaces STM-1/4/16/64, E1/E3/E4/T1/T3, FE/GE/10GE, DDN, IMA/ATM, FEC/EFEC, E1 optical interface, SAN, Video
Packet transport
E1, ch STM-1, ATM STM-1, FE/GE/10GE
WDM interfaces 40-channel DWDM interfaces, compliant with ITU-T G.694.1
8-channel CWDM interfaces, compliant with ITU-T G.694.2
Power Supply DC: -48V DC or -60V DC, AC: 220V/110V AC
Maximum Number of Services Supported by a Single Subrack Service Interface Max Service Interface Max
STM-64 28 STM-16 112
STM-4 352 STM-1 352
STM-1 (electrical) 66 E4 16
E3/T3 102 E1/T1 252
E1 Optical 176 FE 208
GE 256 10GE 44
DDN (N×64K) 34 Framed E1 32
STM-1 ATM 88 STM-4 ATM 22
FC200 22 DVB-ASI 88
Clock Synchronization Line clock source
Tributary clock source
Two external clock inputs/outputs (2 MHz or 2 Mbit/s)
Auxiliary Interface Orderwire interface, NNI connection interfaces.
RS-232 remote maintenance interface, F1 interface for the 64 kbit/s codirectional data channel, Ethernet NM interfaces, management serial interface F&f.
Alarm interface, Cabinet alarm indicator interface.
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions(mm) 757mm(H)×497mm(W)×295mm(D)
Weight(kg) 44

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  1. 5 out of 5


    We are expanding our service and we purchase this 7500 bundle and other boards from, all are good!

  2. 5 out of 5


    OSN7500 es un dispositivo MSTP con funciones muy completas. Después de comparar los precios de muchas compañías, finalmente elegí Telecomate. Configuraron las tarjetas para mí antes del envío y la probaron bien. Después de recibir la mercancía, ha estado funcionando muy bien.

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