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Huawei MA5671A SFP module is a mini-PON access device developed by Huawei dedicated for the radio bearer solution. It applies to PON network reconstruction for switches and routers and wireless base station backhaul.

It supports one-stop deployment, even achievable offline when using Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) upstream transmission. Once deployed, the MA5671A automatically obtains configurations from eSight — Huawei’s unified software suite for enterprise Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure — implementing them automatically. Similarly, when the device goes online, it automatically reports its online status to eSight.

Product Features
  • Featuring small size and simple installation
  • Connects to a base station through a GE port to provide the integrated access service in the downstream direction
  • Connects to an optical line terminal (OLT) through a GPON port and then to the upper-layer IP network in the upstream direction
  • Connects to an OLT through a GPON port in the upstream direction
  • Connects to a switch or router through a GE port to provide the high-speed Internet (HSI) and VoIP services in the downstream direction
  • Supports various installation scenarios
  • Supports convenient remote management functions.
  • Supports one-stop deployment
  • Provides comprehensive QoS assurance for each service, meeting users’ differentiated service requirements.
Product Highlights

Enables Fast Deployment

  • Plugs into any standard GigE SFP slot – complies with SFP
    MSA(SFF 8074i), SFF 8431
  • Plug & Play – allows pre-configuration and automatic
    loading of configuration for turn-up

Requires Zero Site and Power

  • Plugs into existing equipment
  • No power, no space requirement

Zero Touch Management

  • Centralized management – same as a GPON ONT;
  • Standards Compliant GPON Interface – complies with ITU
    G.984 series and support OMCI
  • Remote software upgrade, and operational inquiries
  • Ethernet OAM (802.11ag) functions
Item MA5671A
Parameter Value
Transmission rate TX: 1.244 Gbit/s

RX: 2.488 Gbit/s

Standard compliance ITU-T G.984
Connector type SC/APC
Maximum transmission distance 20 km


RX sensitivity ≤ – 27 dBm
Overload optical power ≥ – 8 dBm
TX optical power 0.5 dBm to 5.0 dBm
Extinction ratio (ER) ≥ 10 dB
Tburst_on duration ≤12.8 ns
Tburst_off duration ≤12.8 ns
Average shutdown optical power ≤ -45 dBm
-20 dB spectral width ≤ 1 nm
SMSR ≥30 dB
TX wavelength range 1290 nm to 1330 nm
TX laser type DFB
RX wavelength rage 1480 nm to 1500 nm
RX PD type APD
Electrical Port Indicators
Parameter Value
Interface type SGMII
Interface bandwidth 1 GE/2.5 GE
TX-end input level standard CML
TX-end electrical port coupling mode DC
TX-end differentiated input signal swing 200 mV to 1600 mV
TX enabling voltage 2-3.3 V (disabled)

≤ 0.8 (enabled)

Ttxdisable_on duration of the TX_Disable module ≤ 2 ms
Ttxdisable_off duration of the TX_Disable module ≤ 100 us
RX+/- output level standard CML
RX+/- output coupling mode AC
RX+/- output signal swing 300 mV to 1200 mV
IIC interface rate ≤ 90 kHz
LOS Assert ≥ -45 dBm
LOS De assert ≤ -29 dBm
Power Consumption
Power Consumption ≤ 2. 0 W
Power Supply Voltage +3.3 V DC

(ripple and noise ≤ 100mV)

Power Supply Current ≤ 610 mA

TX VCC ≤ 500 mA

RX VCC ≤ 500 mA

Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions 12.5 mm72 mm14.1 mm
Weight (With fiber caps): 19 g

(Without fiber caps): 18 g


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