ZTE RA-EPIU-04XGE-SFP+ 4-port XGE board


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RA-EPIU-04XGE-SFP+ overview

ZTE RA-EPIU-04XGE-SFP+ 4-port XGE board

  • Provides four 10 GE LAN/WAN SFP+ optical interfaces.
  • Supports two modes: 10G LAN and 10G WAN.
  • Supports delayed power-on and hot swapping.
  • Supports temperature measurement and board ID reading.
Property Description
Connector type LC
Optical interface property Determined by the selected optical module
Operational mode Full duplex
Applied standard IEEE802.3ae
Supported link protocols Ethernet frame/SONET/SDH
Supported network protocol IP


Parameter Specification
Silk screen name RA-EPIU-04XGE-SFP+
Dimensions (H x W x D) 19.92 mm × 197.2 mm × 175 mm
Power consumption 20 W
Weight 0.51 kg
Rate 10 Gbps×4


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