Huawei OSN 1500B STM-4 SCC unit, Clock and Line units, Integrated Cross-connect Board, STM-4 622M line board with 1 S-4.1 15km SFP module

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Optical Interface Parameter
Parameter Value
Higher order cross-connect capacity 20 Gbit/s
Lower order cross-connect capacity 20 Gbit/s
Access capacity 18.75 Gbit/s
Nominal bit rate 622080 kbit/s
Line code pattern NRZ
Application code S-4.1
Transmission distance (km) 2 to 15
Type of fiber Single-mode LC
Operating wavelength range (nm) 1274 to 1356
Launched optical power range (dBm) -15 to -8
Receiver sensitivity (dBm) -28
Minimum overload (dBm) -8
Minimum extinction ratio (dB) 8.2
Maximum -20 dB spectral width (nm)
Minimum side mode suppression ratio (dB)
Mechanical Speifications
Dimensions (mm) 25.4 (W) x 220 (D) x 254.1 (H)
Weight (kg) 1.1

Additional information

Weight 3.0000 kg
Dimensions 37.5000 × 34.0000 × 7.5000 cm

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    I was a little bit worried about the quality of the boards. When they sent me photos of the test lab, I was convinced.

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