Huawei OSN1800V TNF1TPS provides tributary protection switching (TPS), 03032UDT


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TNF1TPS overview

Huawei OSN1800V 42*E1/T1 electrical interface board TNF1TPS.

The DMS board is an interface board that provides ports for the PD1 board.

Version description of the TNF1TPS board


Product Applicable-System Control Board-Initial Board Version Supported by System Control Board


1800 V-TNZ5UXCMS-V100R008C00

1800 V-TNZ5XCS-V100R019C10SPC300

1800 II Enhanced-TNZ2UXCL-V100R019C10SPC300


Service processing

Working with the DMS, receives/transmits and processes 32*E1/T1 electrical signals.

Overhead processing

Processes path overheads at the VC-12 level such as J2 and V5.

Electrical port specifications

The front panel of the PD1 has no port. The DMS functions as its interface board, allowing the PD1 to process thirty-two 75 Ω/120 Ω E1 or 100 Ω T1 signals.

Alarms and performance events

Provides various alarms and performance events, facilitating equipment management and maintenance.

Tributary clock sources

  • Supports input of tributary clocks
  • Extracts clock signals from the first and seventeenth channels
  • Supports E1 retiming

Maintenance features

  • Inloops and outloops at electrical ports
  • Warm resets and cold resets (with warm resets having no impact on services)
  • Board manufacturing information query
  • PRBS tests
  • Hot board swapping

TPS protection

Two PD1 boards provide TPS protection when working with a DMS.

SNCP protection

Functions as a service sink board to work with DMS and the universal line board to implement SNCP protection.


When working with TNZ5UXCMS, the board supports this function.


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