Huawei OSN1800V TNF5TQX with 4*port 10G tributary service processing board, AA34118E


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TNF5TQX is a 4*port 10G tributary service processing board, apply to Huawei OSN 1800V. As a type of tributary board, the TQX board converts between four channels of optical signals at a rate in the range of 8 Gbit/s to 10 Gbit/s and four ODU2/ODU2e/ODUflex electrical signals through cross-connections.


Front panel of the TQX board

Front panel of the TQX board


TNF5TQX 4-port 10G tributary service processing board

Apply to Huawei OSN 1800V

Supports client 1+1 protection when non-OTN services are received

Supports ODUk SNCP (k = 2 or flex)

Supports Tributary SNCP

Supports the LPT

Supports communication over ESCs


Working modes of TQX boards and their ports TQX boards support the following port working modes:

1.ODU2 non-convergence mode:

a. 4 x STM-64/OC-192/10GE LAN/10GE WAN/FC800/FICON 8G/OTU2<->4 x ODU2

b. 4 x 10GE LAN/FC1200/FICON 10G/OTU2e<->4 x ODU2e

2.ODUflex non-convergence mode: 4 x FC800/10GE LAN<->4 x ODUflex


TQX boards do not support the setting of the board working mode.

Each FC800 service uses seven timeslots of an ODUflex. The timeslot number of an ODUflex for each 10GE LAN service needs to be manually calculated based on its service rate.

Cross-connect functionality Supports cross-connection for four channels of ODU2, ODU2e, or ODUflex signals through a cross-connect board and the bus on the backplane.
Maximum frame length (MFL) for a port The value ranges from 1518 to 9600 (bytes).


TQX boards provide the maximum frame length (MFL) for a port function only when receiving 10GE LAN services on the client side.

When Port Mapping is set to Bit Transparent Mapping(11.1G), Maximum Frame Length is unavailable on the NMS.

Client-Side Pluggable Optical Module XFP-10G-850nm-MMF-0.3km









SFP+ -10G-(1471nm to 1611nm)(CWDM)-SMF-70km

Typical Power Consumption(W) 36
Maximum Power Consumption(W) 39
Dimension (W x H x D, mm) 193.8 x 19.8 x 205.9
Weight(kg) 1.0 kg

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