Huawei OSN1800V 1*100G line service processing board TNZ8NS4, 03033ABE


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TNZ8NS4 overview

TNZ8NS4 is a 1*port 100G line service processing board applied to Huawei OSN 1800V.

The TNZ8NS4 board is a line board that supports hybrid transmission of OTN and packet services with a maximum bandwidth of 100 Gbit/s.

The TNZ8NS4 board processes and converts the received service signals into one OTU4 signal carried over an ITU-T G.694.1-compliant DWDM wavelength.

  • TNZ8NS4 1xport 100G line service processing board
  • Applied to Huawei OSN 1800V
  • Supports ESC function
  • Supports intra-board 1+1 protection (when working with the OLP board)
  • Supports ODUk SNCP, Tributary SNCP, intra-board 1+1 protection (when working with the OLP board)
  • Supports Physical Clocks (ODU0/ODU1/ODU2/ODU2e/ODU3/ODUflex)
  • Supports Electrical-layer ASON and Optical-layer ASON
  • Supports 1:1 PW FPS, 1:1 PW APS




Basic functions

Supports conversion of the following signals:

80 x ODU0/80 x ODUflex/40 x ODU1/10 x ODU2/10 x ODU2e/2 x ODU3/1 x ODU4<->1 x OTU4

Supports hybrid transmission of ODU0, ODU1, ODU2, ODU2e, and ODUflex signals.

Cross-connect functionality

Implements the following service grooming when working with cross-connect boards: 80 x ODU0/ODUflex, 40 x ODU1, 10 x ODU2/ODU2e, 2 x ODU3, 1 x ODU4.

OTN function

  • Supports OTU4 interfaces on the WDM side.
  • Adopts the frame formats and overhead processing methods defined in ITU-T G.709.
  • Supports the SM function at the OTU4 layer.
  • Supports the PM and TCM functions at the ODUk (k = 0, 1, 2, 2e, 3, 4, or flex) layer, and non-intrusive monitoring of PM and TCM overheads.

WDM specifications

Supports ITU-T G.694.1-compliant DWDM specifications.

Tunable wavelengths

Tunes the optical signals output on the WDM side within the range of 80 wavelengths in C-band at a 50 GHz channel spacing.

ESC function


PRBS function

Supports the PRBS function on the WDM side.

LPT function

Not supported

Error correction encoding



Boards that use different error correction encoding modes cannot interconnect with each other.

Performance and alarm monitoring

  • Monitors BIP8 bytes (burst mode) to help locate line failures.
  • Monitors parameters such as the bias current, operating temperature, and optical power of a laser.
  • Monitors OTN alarms and performance events.


The WDM-side signals from an NS4 board can be regenerated by another NS4 board of the same type.

ALS function

Not supported

Delay measurement (DM)


Test frames

Not supported

IEEE 1588v2

Not supported

Physical clocks

Supported (ODU0/ODU1/ODU2/ODU2e/ODU3/ODUflex)

Protection scheme

  • Supports ODUk SNCP.
  • Supports intra-board 1+1 protection (when working with the OLP board).
  • Supports tributary SNCP protection.


When the cross-connect granularity is ODUflex, the board does not support tributary SNCP protection.

Overtemperature protection

If the working temperature of the board exceeds the configured threshold and services are affected, the board will automatically reset the key chip to prevent damages to the board.


  • Supports system-side channel inloops and outloops.
  • Supports WDM-side inloops and outloops.


The total bandwidth of channel inloops on the TNZ8NS4 board must not exceed 40G.

Electrical-layer ASON


Optical-layer ASON



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