ZXDSL 9806H DC/AC (PWDHF DC power board/PWAHF AC power board) chassis with 1*SCCT/SCCBK/SCCB control switching board, support up to 4 service boards.

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ZXDSL 9806H Overview

ZXDSL 9806H is a miniaturized integrated access device that can realize small-capacity xDSL access, narrowband access, Ethernet access and ISDN access, and provides a wealth of uplink and cascade interfaces.

ZXDSL 9806H frame is 2U high 19 inch standard frame.

The full configuration of ZXDSL 9806H frame is 1 backboard +1 fan +1 power board +1 control switching board +4 service board.

Control switching board:


Service board for choice:

ADSL2/2+ service board: ASTGC, ASTGF, ASTEC…
VDSL2 service board: VSTGC, VSTGH, VSTEC…
POTS service board: ATLA, ATLC, ATLCI, ATLCZ…
Combo service board: APTGC, VPTGC
Ethernet service board: ETCD, ETCF

Notice: SCCBK and SCCB control switching board don’t support VSTGC service board. If you have configuration issue, please contact [email protected]

ZXDSL 9806H Front Panel


ZXDSL 9806H6H Datasheet
Item ZXDSL 9806H
Control switching board SCCBK, SCCB, SCCT
Power board PWDHF DC power board/PWAHF AC power board
Weight • Empty frame: 2.7kg
• Full configuration: 8.5kg
Dimension(H*W*D mm)  88.1mm × 482.6mm× 240mm
Typical power consumption 128 Line ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) 2/2+ User: 101 W

96-line VDSL2 (Very High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Line 2, 2nd Generation VDSL2) User: 144 W

POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) 64 lines ADSL2/2+ User: 83 W

Additional information

Weight 8.5000 kg
Dimensions 9.0000 × 49.0000 × 24.0000 cm

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